Wasp Solitaire: The Definitive Guide

Out of all the solitaire games, Wasp is quite a fan favorite. It offers easy-to-learn gameplay and needs a fair amount of strategy and patience. Plenty of blackjack lovers enjoy playing Wasp Solitaire as they feature common themes and are closely related.

We can see Wasp Solitaire as an easier variation of Scorpion, similar to Yukon and Spider. The game uses a single deck of fifty-two cards. There are seven tableau piles, and three rows of seven cards will be dealt. Once the first four cards are dealt face down, the following three are dealt facing up in each row. Subsequently, four more rows of seven face-up cards are dealt. The remaining three cards are kept face down as a reserve.

Several game versions are available that you can play strictly for fun or to win cash prizes. These include Wasp Solitaire 1-suit, Wasp Solitaire 2-suit, and Wasp Solitaire 4-suit, which offer increasing difficulty levels. The version of games represented on websites and gaming apps is indicative of the game you play in real life.

Wasp Solitaire 1-Suit

This game version is apparently the easiest, with the fundamental objective to create stacks of cards in a single suit in descending order from King to Ace. Once you create a stack, the cards immediately vanish from the playing board (in the online version). Clear out all four piles to win the game!

The game differs from Spider Solitaire in the aspect of no cards ever becoming inactive, and you can move a stack regardless of the cards in it. The 1-Suit Wasp Solitaire is ideal for beginners as you only deal with one suit, so the assemblage level is considerably less challenging.

Wasp Solitaire 4-Suit

This is the most complicated version of the game. Since you play with four suits, you’ll need to stack/recombine cards of several colors over one another to attain your objective: build four stacks of cards from King to Ace. As you build each stack, it disappears from the board – offering more room to move cards around.

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Rules of Wasp Solitaire

Before we get to the rules of playing Wasp Solitaire, we must understand more about the game. The game draws inspiration from Scorpion Solitaire. If you have experience playing the latter, it becomes easy for you to learn the gameplay of Wasp Solitaire. For everyone else who never played the game, read on. Since it borrows heavily from Scorpion Solitaire, starting with that game first makes sense.

Scorpion Solitaire typically requires one deck of fifty-two cards. Essentially, 49 cards will be dealt to the tableau, and the final 3 will be used as stock. You won’t find any foundation piles here. This game’s objective involves assembling all the tableau cards into four columns, each in the order of King to Ace and in the same suit. Therefore, the tableau should eventually have diamonds from King to Ace, hearts from King to Ace, and so on, until all suits are assembled.

Wasp Solitaire Setup

To set up the game, you should have three face-down cards and four face-up cards in the initial four columns, and in the other three columns, there should be seven face-up cards.

You can move cards in any column as long as they are from a lower rank. Any card can be used to start the tableau in a game of Scorpion Solitaire. As a result, it opens up several moves. Once you are out of moves, you can play all remaining cards from the stockpile.

Each of the three cards must be dealt on the first three columns regardless of which card is at the top. You win the game by following the recommended sequence (as mentioned above) in four columns.

Wasp Solitaire Gameplay

Now that you have set up the game, you’re all for a fun time! All rules of Scorpion Solitaire also apply to Wasp, as you know by now. However, there is one extra rule – whenever space is created, you are free to put any card sequence there.

The game commences with forty-nine cards laid out in seven columns. Place three facedown cards in the first four and another four facing up. In the remaining three, deal seven cards facing up. You can only move the cards facing up. Reveal a facedown card only when it’s been exposed. The remaining three cards comprise the stick pile and can only be played when you run out of moves. They are dealt to the first three columns.

How is Wasp Solitaire Connected to Blackjack?

If you happen to be a Blackjack fan, you would have heard many people remarking how similar it seems to Wasp Solitaire. Although the card games are pretty different, Wasp Solitaire is relatively slower-paced when compared with Blackjack. However, they also share plenty of similarities.

You might already know that the dealer controls the game by dealing cards while playing Blackjack. On the other hand, the player controls how they make moves with the cards. All these aspects contribute to either a win or a loss for the player.

There is no “dealer” in Wasp Solitaire. However, the player exercises complete control. You will be accountable for your actions, and can win a game by employing the correct moves. However, if you make bad moves, there are chances of losing and starting afresh.

You need to make wise moves the way you would in Blackjack. Having a sound strategy is crucial. Wasp is an excellent alternative to Blackjack, especially if you are in search of a less intense game.

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Wrapping Up

We all love a riveting card game, don’t we? Wasp Solitaire is the perfect example of such a game. This is one variant of Solitaire that you won’t get tired of playing for long periods. However, let us warn you that playing Wasp Solitaire can get very addictive over time. Unlike other variants, the challenge is bigger. Most times, you are bound to be on the edge of your seat while strategizing and executing moves.

Consider it one of the best card games to play when you’re bored, commuting, or taking a work break just to relax your senses. If you like playing with the actual cards, setting up the game is super easy. If you love playing it on the move, you can always download an app that offers the game and experience the same level of thrills.

Also, if you wish to check out Spider Solitaire 1-suit and Cube Solitaire, you should give the MPL Pro app a chance. The games are very exciting and also offer cash prizes. If you’re only seeking light entertainment, you can always play as many practice games as you like!

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