All About Spider Solitaire 1-Suit: Setup, How to Play, Rules, Winning Tips

Introduction to Spider Solitaire Games

Spider Solitaire is a single-player Solitaire card game with several variations, many of those which grew immensely popular since its inclusion in the operating system package for Microsoft Windows. The game gets its name owing to its relation to spiders possessing eight legs and the eight foundation piles that need filling out for the game to conclude.

If we’ve to categorize the difficulty levels of playing Spider Solitaire, the following analysis makes sense: One suit – Beginner; Two suits – Moderate; and Four suits – Expert. So, the one-suit version is ideal for newbies and amateur players. It also offers great fun and relaxation.

We play the 1-suit version with two standard decks of fifty-two cards – with all the cards from a single suit, say Spades or Hearts. As such, this makes winning the game relatively easier. For seeking a more significant challenge, they can go for the 2-suit version. However, in this article, we’ll look at Spider Solitaire 1 suit in a detailed manner.

Spider Solitaire 1-Suit: The Setup

All versions of the game (be it one suit, two suits, or four suits) require two shuffled decks with no jokers at the beginning. The cards are laid out horizontally in ten piles or columns, with six cards each in the initial four piles and five cards each in the last six piles. The final card in every pile faces up. Placed one at a time in each pile, the placement happens in the style of the first card being dealt to the first pile, the second card to the second, etc. The eleventh card goes again to the first pile, continuing until all the cards are dealt.

After drawing the face-up cards, the remaining cards constitute the stockpile and are used to draw more cards into the game. The line of ten piles is called Tableau. The eight piles, usually above the Tableau, are known as the Foundations, where you need to move your piles of cards once they are in sequence.

How do you Play Spider Solitaire 1-Suit?


The game is for beginner-level Solitaire players as it employs just one suit – Spades. Here, you need not account for the colors when moving cards around. The most crucial aspect to keep in mind while playing Spider Solitaire 1 suit is that you can only put a card atop another that is one point higher in its value. For instance, you can only put the 2 of Spades over the 3 of Spades.

The goal in Spider Solitaire (any suit) is to move all cards from the tableaus to the foundations. Once you complete a sequence, it will automatically move to the foundation pile, and you can start working on the following sequence and progress until you clear the entire tableau.

The game also enables the movement of multiple cards at once when they are in ascending order with a difference of one point. For instance, if the 6,5, and 4 of Spades are over each other, then you can move all three simultaneously to an open 8. Whenever you move a face-down card, the previously unexposed card turns itself up. Also, it is essential to know that you can out any random card in any of the empty columns and you can go back one step by pressing the undo button.


Spider one suit primarily follows the same rules as the other versions of Spider solitaire (such as two suits and four suits), except that all cards belong to a single suit. In essence, we can sum up the game’s rules as follows:

  • To simulate the game using two standard decks (having multiple suits), assume that all cards are in the same suit.
  • This means you can move any cluster of descending cards onto another sequentially appropriate card. E.g., You can move a five of diamonds, a four of spades, and a three of hearts onto any open six.
  • You can remove any group of cards in perfect descending order (from King to Ace) from play.

How to Win Spider Solitaire 1-Suit

While Spider solitaire one suit is one of the most straightforward versions of the game, you can still not win if you execute moves randomly with no strategy in mind. For those who wish to make their games more winnable, the following tips can help.

-Playing the most obvious of moves isn’t an ideal strategy. Before you make a move, look at the state of the game and see what else could be available. Whenever possible, pick a combination of moves that, when you execute, results in something helpful, such as turning over an unexposed card or emptying a column.

-The Ace possesses the distinction of being the only card over which you can’t place another rank. This makes them largely annoying. They can frequently cause trouble since if one is at a column’s bottom end, you cannot move any cards to it.

-Be aware of the Kings. This is the only rank that you cannot move onto another rank. This leads to blockage of access to several other cards. When possible, prioritize moving the King to an empty column.

-Do not give up on your game too quickly. If a game gets to a point where the winning chances seem bleak, playing on with a bit of patience and innovation can sometimes overturn the result in your favor.

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Is it possible to win Spider Solitaire with one suit?


The win percentage is in the range of 55-60%. So, on average, around two out of three games are within the winnable bracket.

What is a good score in Spider Solitaire one suit?

There isn’t any universal score-keeping methodology in Spider Solitaire. Instead, each time you play, the game can have its own distinct scoring system. For instance, if you play the Windows version, you begin with five hundred points. Every move leads to a point deduction, and every time you complete a foundation, you receive a hundred points. A decent score seems to be in the range of 1250, meaning it takes around fifty moves to win the game. The MPL version has a slightly different take, which you’ll understand better when you play.

Is standard spider solitaire and 1-suit spider solitaire the same?

Spider 1 Suit is the same as standard Spider solitaire, except it is played using only one suit instead of (two or) four, typically Spades.

The Bottomline

You can play Spider solitaire one suit on the MPL Pro app through an instant download-and-install. Try it now – there are daily challenges, 1v1 battles, and tournaments awaiting you!

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