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About Bingo

Do the words Lotto and House ring a bell? BINGO! The most social and exhilarating game, Bingo promises an increased level of entertainment on your mobile phones, owing to the tweaks in the conventional game.


How does Virtual Bingo work?

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The game of Bingo can also be played virtually on flashboards or cards. At the beginning of every match, the players are given Bingo tickets/virtual Bingo cards.


Types of Bingo Game

There are basically four types of Bingo games; 30 ball bingo game, 75 ball bingo game, 80 ball bingo game, and 90 ball bingo game. Of these, 75 ball bingo is traditionally played by most people and has maximum popularity among the masses.


Why play Bingo online on MPL

Playing Bingo on MPL is hassle free and seamless. You can play the game of your choice anytime, without any trouble. Below are the reasons why players love MPL.


How to download Bingo on the MPL app?

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The MPL gaming app is free and supported on iOS devices. To play Bingo, you can download the MPL app directly from the Apple App Store.


Payment Options available

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Can you earn real money with Bingo games?

Can I win real cash from Spider Solitaire on MPL?

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