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About 8 Ball Blast

Love playing billiard games like 8 ball pool? Here's the most exciting version of the 8 ball pool game. 8 ball blast is an online pool game based on the 8 ball pool rules and principles with amazing game features and fun twists. The game is played with the objective to pot all the 8 balls on the table before the opponents.
This is one of the best online billiard games with impressive visuals and great animations. The 8 ball blast billiard is a timer-based game that promises hours of entertainment.
The game features two game modes; 1v1 and a tournament mode. Keep scrolling to learn how to play the game, learn the rules, and get ready with your tricks and strategies before you play cash games

How does the 8 Ball Blast Game work?

8 ball blast works on similar principles as 8 ball pool but with slight twists in the rules and gameplay.




Touch Control

How to play 8 Ball Blast online?

After the 8 Ball Blast app download, you can join the challenge against real players on the MPL app. Tap on the 8 ball blast game on the app and follow the below steps to start:

Choose to train with the free practice games against real players

You can also join one of the 1v1 or 1vN cash games or a join a tournament

Submit the required entry fee

You will be matched with the opponent/s instantly

Touch and drag to rotate the cue stick to adjust the angle

You can also tap and drag the cue stick anywhere on the pool table, behind the cue ball

Drag the force bar to strike the cue ball. The bigger the pull on the force bar, the greater is the force applied

Pocket all the 8 object balls, including the 8 ball, before the timer ends

Aim for a higher score than your opponent/s to win the game

Why play 8 ball blast on MPL?

If you are bored of the classic pool game online and looking for something more entertaining, 8 ball blast is just the game you've been waiting for. With a tweak in the gameplay, you will be thrilled to get into a challenge mode with the 8 ball blast game online.

Newest 8 ball blast version

Realistic game physics

Impressive game features

Best-in-class gaming experience

Exciting Offers & Bonuses

100% Secure & Legal

Instant Withdrawals

Zero Wait Time

Free Practice Games

How to Download the 8 Ball Blast from MPL?

The MPL gaming app is totally free and supported on iOS devices. For 8 ball blast download, you can download the MPL app directly from the App Store. Follow the below steps to go about downloading 8 ball blast:

Download and install the MPL app

Register via email ID or log in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account

Select the 8 ball blast game and install the game resources

Get ready to become a pool master

Payment Options available

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