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Play Draw4 Online & Win Real Money Today

Draw Four card game is an entertaining and popular game played against real-time players online. You can win real cash prizes and rewards with hundreds of tournaments a month. Draw 4 is a multiplayer game similar to the UNO game with 2 to 10 players. This game is quickly rising to the top of the favorite games list in the entire United States of America.

In this game, players are dealt with 7 cards face down, and the main goal is to minimize the number of cards in hand. Number cards and special cards add to the fun of the game. Let us learn how to play the Draw 4 game with the basic rules, gameplay, and strategies here.

The Draw 4 game on MPL is an entertaining game where you can play against real players online and win real cash prizes. Learn how to play Draw 4 with the basic rules, gameplay, and strategies here.

What is Draw 4?

Draw 4 is similar to UNO, played with numbers and special cards where a hand is won by matching cards by number or color. Players have to get rid of all cards in their hands to win the game or maintain a minimum score compared to other players to dominate the game. 

During each round, one player deals a card face up in the discard pile, and other opponents need to match the cards either with the same number card or color. If the timer goes off a player with the least score wins the game. This game can be played online on your smartphone device.

Download Draw 4 for free and play to earn up to $50,000 daily in cash tournaments.

Common Terms of Draw 4

Here are several terms used frequently in the Draw 4 game. 


The stack of cards dealt to the players in the game is known as the UNO deck. Every player receives 7 cards in the game, with the remaining cards kept aside. 


The card held by the player after dealing is the hand of the player. In draw 4 players aim to minimize their hands or get rid of all their cards before the timer goes off. 

Discard Pile 

This is a pile where players keep their cards and the game is played. It is the table or stage where cards are kept to match. 

Draw Pile 

Players use this when they have no matching cards in their hands. A card from the pile is randomly given to the player. Players can use it multiple times in the game.

Draw 4 

This wild Draw 4 card gives a privilege for the players to choose a color based on their choice, and their opponent will have to draw 4 cards during the round. 


The reverse card changes the direction of the play. If the game is progressing in a clockwise direction it changes to an anticlockwise direction, and vice versa.


The skip card allows skips the turn of the next player disrupting their chance to minimize their hand. 

Draw 2

The next person must draw two cards from the draw pile to add to their hands.

Wild Card

The wild card can be used by players when their cards are not matching, even after 1-2 draws. This card allows players to change the color to a preferred one.


To play cards in hand, players must match cards based on the same number or the same color of the card previously played.

Blank cards

This card can be used to prepare a custom-valued card similar to most card games, especially when players lose a card and cannot find it anywhere.

Last One 

Players announce their last card when they have only two cards left in their hand. 

Wild Shuffle Hands Card

The wild shuffle hands card is used in the game to collect all cards held by all players and then re-deal them with shuffling. The dealing starts with the player to the left of the dealer.

Wild Swap Hands Card

The wild swap hands card is a move in UNO that is used to swap all the cards of an opponent with all the cards in the player's hand. 

Wild Customizable Card 

The wild customizable cards provide the player with the freedom to choose any color of their choice in the game. Draw four is one of the wild customizable cards.

Objective of the Game 

Players need to get rid of cards in their hands until there are no more cards left or maintain a minimum score to win the game. Players simply need to match cards based on the same number or color in this card game. The game ends when either there is no card left in a player's hand or the one who scores the minimum, wins the game.

Number of Players

The game of Draw 4 allows 2 to 10 players during a match. However, in most formats, the game is played with 2 players, and each player holds seven cards. Most cash tournaments are played with real-time players around the world, where you can win cash rewards and gifts.

Rules And Gameplay

The Draw 4 game rules are quite similar to that of a UNO game, however, some differences may exist. Here are the basic Draw 4 rules and gameplay:

Game Rules

Every player is dealt 7 cards and the remaining cards are kept aside in the draw pile.

You will be matched with a real-time player at your skill level. The Draw Four game on MPL can be played with 2 to 10 players.

MPL provides a global lobby and you may be matched with users from other countries.

Players either get rid of all cards in their hand before the timer goes off or maintain the lowest score to win the game.

This is a turn-based card game that begins with the top card in the discard pile.

The game ends when the timer goes off after which the player with a lower card score wins. Each game runs for over 10 minutes.

You can use the special card meter to draw cards. It fills up every time you pick a card from the normal draw pile. You can get special action cards when you draw a card once the special card meter fills up completely.

A countdown is displayed beneath each player's profile icon. If a player misses their chance, the game selects a matching card automatically during their turn.

If players miss three chances in a row, then the game ends and the other player wins the game.

This game consists of a total of 112 cards, consisting of number cards of the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. 

Each color has one zero card and all other numbers and special cards have two each

There are four wild cards and four draw 4 cards in the deck. 


The cards are dealt automatically with each player having seven cards in their hand.

In MPL, the first player is chosen randomly and no extra player is needed to become a dealer.

Players start with a card of their choice in the discard pile. The main goal is to match cards either with numbers or colors. Each card is kept face up in the player's hand after dealing. Players cannot see their opponent's hands.

The game advances in the clockwise direction. However, with a wild card, players can reverse the direction of the game.

The cards must be matched by number, color, or symbol by the players. For example, suppose the discard pile has a red card with the face value 8 on it. Now, you can place either a red card or a card of any color with the number 8 on it. When it is your turn, you can also decide to play a special card to choose a color of your choice when there are no matching cards.

Players use the "draw" option to draw random cards from the draw pile in the game. There is a special draw meter in the game which after filling gives special action cards.

During their turn, each player may only place one card down at a time.

Last Card

Players must declare their last card when they have only two cards left in their hand. If they fail to do so, they will have to draw 2 cards from their hand as a penalty.

Special Card Meter

You can draw special cards when the card meter fills up. It delivers you a special card from the draw pile.


The game is won by the player when they are down to no cards. The player with the lowest score wins the game if the timer goes off before any player's hands run out. The game ends when either a player gets rid of all cards in their hand or the timer goes off.

Special Cards

In the game, there are five special cards with unique actions that are placed next to the number cards. They are also known as action or symbol cards. 

Reverse: This card is used to reverse the direction of the gameplay. If you are going clockwise, you will switch the game to counterclockwise, or vice versa.

Skip: You can prevent your opponent from playing their next turn using this skip card. The card that matches the color or another skip card can be used to play it. 

Draw Two: The opponent must draw two cards in their hand when a draw two card is in the discard pile. It can be played with a matching color card or another Draw 2 card.

Wild Draw Four: When a player plays this card, they get to choose a color of their choice and the next player has to draw four cards from the pile. T

Wild: If a player plays this card, they get to choose a color of their choice. This could be used when players do not have a matching card.


Number Cards (0-9): There are 10 number cards carrying scores based on their face value.

Reverse Card: This card can reverse the direction of the game with 21 points.

Skip Card: This card is worth 21 points. It is used to forbid opponents from playing the next turn.

Draw 4: This card carries 51 points and is one of the most important action cards in the game.

Draw 2: This special card carries 21 points and forces players to draw two cards from the draw pile when used in the game.

Wild: This card carries 51 points and is used by players when they do not have matching cards.

Tip: Use special cards only when necessary as they carry extra points compared to normal number cards in the game.

Why Play Draw 4 on MPL?

Draw 4 is an entertaining and challenging game on the MPL app where you can play free games for leisure or cash games to win real money. Here's why you must get your hands on the Draw 4 game on MPL:

1. Friendly UI

MPL provides the best gaming experience with easy-to-use applications and attractive gaming controls. The app uses very little space on your device and provides a smooth gaming experience throughout.

2. Earn Real Money

You can compete with real players online in cash games and tournaments and earn up to $50,000 daily. Participate in daily events and multiplayer tournaments to win big only on the MPL app.

3. Trusted by Millions

MPL is one of the most trusted platforms in the United States of America, with over 90 million registered users on the platform across North America, Asia and Europe. MPL passes all the safety standards and provides a reliable platform for entertainment and earning real money.

4. Multiple Gaming Options

The application provides multiple lobbies with free-entry games and cash games. You can participate in Draw 4 cash games for as little as $0.2 and earn double.  Apart from Draw 4, you can also play games such as Spades, Gin Rummy, 3 Card Flush, Ludo, and more on MPL.

5. Reliable and Safe

MPL ensures a fair game policy and protects players from fraud and collusion. Continuous 24x7 monitoring with anti-fraud algorithms and advanced encryption makes every game safe and secure. 

6. Instant Withdrawals

Transfer your cash rewards directly into your Paypal bank account. All transfers are secured using advanced algorithms and encryption. No personal information is shared or stored by MPL.

Draw 4 Winning Strategies 

Let us look at some important winning strategies to maximize your winnings in the game. 

1. Know the game before playing

Players must be familiar with the draw 4 rules, and gameplay to be able to put forward the best hand during the game. Before participating in real money-earning games, you must make yourself aware of how each card functions, the sequence of play, the right time to use special cards, and winning strategies to make more informed decisions during the game.

2. Set your Limits

You must set a limit for the amount of money and time you spend in the game, of course. It is important to keep a healthy balance and avoid overindulgence in the game. Also, spend only as much as you can afford to lose in the game.

3. Start with Small Bets

Always start small and gradually step over. This minimizes the risk of losing big and also helps to build confidence, as using this approach, you will have more turns during the game and a higher chance of winning. You can gradually increase your bets when you feel confident enough and become aware of the draw 4 uno rules and strategies. 

4. Don't Fear Losing

Take opportunities to win big on the MPL app. Participate in free games, cash games, and tournaments, and learn from your experiences. Always trust your abilities, and skills and keep a positive attitude toward the game.

5. Draw 4 Game Variations

There are many variations of the Draw 4 Uno game played across the United States of America. Try your hand at different variants to build variant skills and try different strategies in the game.

6. Control Your Emotions

Do not let emotions take the best of you. Make every move and participate in tournaments after a proper analysis of your current situation. Maintain calm and make informed decisions during the game. Avoid playing the game too much in an attempt to win money, as this could result in large losses. 

7. Low Wild Cards

Wild cards can be of significant value in the game because they allow you to change colors and disrupt your opponent’s plan of winning. Knowing how to use these special cards is very important. 

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