Tri Peaks Solitaire: The A-Z Guide You’re Looking For

Introduction to Tri Peaks Solitaire Game

Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun, single-player card game with straightforward but equally challenging gameplay. It derives its name from the shape of cards laid out in the tableau. They are uniquely positioned, creating three pyramids of overlapping cards. Since each pyramid possesses a peak, we get Tri-Peaks or Triple Peaks.

Like other Solitaire games, the objective is to clear all the cards from the tableau. However, how you go about it is pretty different from that of Spider Solitaire or Klondike. Rather than creating complete sequences by suit and order, you now need to create mixed sequences alternating between cards with one number lower or higher than the previous one.

Tri Peaks Solitaire Rules


Tripeaks Solitaire uses a 52-card deck with no wild card (Joker) inclusions. The game board comprises the following:

  • Three Peaks: Three pyramids (or peaks), each four cards high. The peaks usually share the lowest level. The bottom cards are facing up, and the higher ones are facing down.
  • The Stock: The pile on the bottom left facing down. It is used to pick cards from and place them onto the Waste.
  • The Waste: The pile next to the Stock facing up. It’s empty at the start of the game.


The goal in the game is to move all cards from the three pyramids or peaks onto the discard piles (or waste). You can only transfer open cards to the discard piles, and a card is perceived as open when no other cards are covering it. AT the start, the entire bottom row is open. Once you move cards from the pyramids, you open up several different cards that you can turn over and move to the discard pile.

You can transfer a card onto the waste pile if it ranks one lower or one higher than the top card on the latter. For instance, if there’s a 7 on the discard pile, you’re welcome to move to a 6 or 7 there. Initially, the discard pile is empty, and you are allowed to move any card onto it. You are also allowed to “turn the corner,” which means go K A 2 A K; you can place an Ace on a 2 or a King.

When you have zero cards in the peaks that you can move to the discard pile, you can pick a card from the stock and flip it over to the discard pile. You can do this only once, i.e., going through the stock – resets do not apply. In an ideal scenario, do not use the stock unless you’re sure you can’t move any cards from the peaks.

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You win the game by moving cards from all three peaks to the discard pile. The cards that remain in the stock at the finishing time do not count.


When you cannot move any cards from the peaks and have zero cards left in the stock, you lose the game. The online version of the game usually indicates this to the player, but you can always use the Undo button and attempt to try some other methods.

How to Score in Tri Peaks Solitaire

Your score in Tri Peaks Solitaire is based on the number of cards left at the conclusion of the game. You essentially win by having zero cards left. The game also considers the number of moves you make to reach a winning outcome, so a win with lesser moves is deemed better. Some online versions of the game track the top results for a number of games, and you’ll be notified if your win record fares better than the rest or if you’ve breached a new record.

Winnable % in Tripeaks Solitaire

As per Wikipedia, Robert Hogue invented the game in 1989. He conducted a statistical analysis on the game’s original version, which said that over 90% of all Tripeaks solitaire games are solvable.

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Tripeaks Solitaire Tips

  • Go in a row-by-row fashion

As an alternative to deconstructing each peak at a time, approach the tableau row-by-row. By doing so, you’ll not have many overlapping cards each time, increasing your chances of creating sequences since you have more cards that face forward.

  • Reveal a face-down card when there’s a chance

You often find yourself stuck between having to pick between two or more cards while building a sequence; see if any of them can unlock a face-down card. If yes, that option is what you should go for!

While others may leave with the same tableau state for the subsequent move, the one that exposes a card adds a new, alternate path for the game. Even when there are no sudden advantages, you may need the newly exposed card for the upcoming sequence, and perhaps, it’ll help you avoid using the stockpile.

  • Try to build long sequences by alternating between going high and low

The longer your sequence, the more cards you expose and discard without picking from the stockpile. This is what you need to do as much as possible until the game ends. Remember that you needn’t stick to a single direction when you build a sequence. You can always go high or low whenever you feel like it. Try to strategize your moves (in advance) and maximize their potential. Also, try playing with different combinations of numbers to see if you can keep extending the sequence.

  • Keep track of which cards you discard

This is one of the most valuable and practical Tripeaks Solitaire tips if you are looking to increase your winning chances. This game only uses a single deck of fifty-two cards. Therefore, if you are skilled enough to keep track of discarded cards, you may get a clearer idea of which ones still face down or remain in the stockpile and accordingly plan your sequences.

For instance, if all the 5s were discarded and you still have a 6 on the tableau, you can only move it by pairing it with a 7. If you keep using sevens to go high and pair them with eights, you may eventually run out of cards to get rid of the 6 from the peak. This may lead to you losing the game since you cannot remove it.

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TriPeaks Solitaire Fun Facts

  • Tripeaks Solitaire is relatively new compared to other card games – it is a little over thirty years old.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire also goes by names like Triple Peaks, Three Peaks, and Tri Towers. Notice a common theme? All names are concerned with heights.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire peaked in popularity owing to the internet and is currently one of the most well-known Solitaire card games.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire is perceived as a variation of Pyramid Golf.


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