Block Puzzle Strategy and Tips to Attain High Scores

Long before its umpteen variants made their way to our smartphone screens, there was a game called Tetris, often considered the granddaddy of all puzzle games. Block Puzzle game on MPL is probably one of the most exciting modern variants of the classic Tetris that you’ll find on the internet.

As far as winning a block puzzle game goes, it all boils down to securing a higher score than your online opponent. As the time runs out, getting to a reasonably high score is your ultimate objective. The game also offers many further layers of entertainment and engagement. However, you can always work your way from the ground up and score points with proper strategies, tips, and tricks. On that note, we’re here to help!

If you know how to play this game, we’ll tell you what it takes to get a high score in the block puzzle game online, which in turn, will help you defeat your opponents and win real money rewards. It is always good to learn a few valuable tips and intelligent strategies to understand the game better and have fun at the same time.

Start from the corners

What hampers your chances of getting a high score is ending the game quickly. You need to plan and execute a worthwhile strategy to lengthen your stay within the game. One such key strategy is to work your way up by placing blocks from both corners. Not only does this allow more horizontal and vertical choices while making a move, but it also helps avoid any empty spaces in the middle and fill more space. If you follow this tip religiously, the grid will not fill up too fast and end your game due to the unavailability of space to place the different shaped blocks. Also, it can eventually lead to scoring more points.

Try clearing multiple rows and columns

It would be best to remember that you can earn bonus points by clearing more than one row or column simultaneously. Even when the focus is on clearing horizontal and vertical lines, you must be conscious of where you place blocks as you can use them to clear numerous lines in just a single move. Different strategies involve different ways to clear lines. It all depends on your playing approach. In other words, getting a high score is not a one-step process.

Clearing vertical or horizontal lines is a high priority

The idea of the Block Puzzle game is not just to fit blocks aimlessly into the grid and fill space. Clearing lines both horizontally and vertically should be the ultimate goal. Keep in mind that you earn points each time you clear a line. The more you clear in a stretch, the more points you make and the more you can continue playing.

Plan your moves beforehand

Mindless placement of blocks without planning is not the right way to play the game. Be mindful of both vertical and horizontal options while playing. It is essential to plan your moves and stay at least a couple of blocks ahead to land a better score. The game allows you to view three blocks simultaneously, with a new set of three blocks showing up once you have placed all the blocks from the existing group. This leaves a solid opportunity for you to strategically plan your moves and place blocks to clear maximum cells.

Allocate space for the 3×3 square piece always

The abrupt appearance of the 3×3 square piece can turn out to be a bummer. You always have to stay alert while playing the game and strategize to leave space if you want your game to go on longer and fetch high scores. The idea here is to create space, not simply fill it. Clearing cells to add more shapes is what gets you points. So, ensure that you always leave an appropriate 9-square room for the 3×3 block whenever it pops up.

Focus on strategy instead of dumping

Bear in mind that the key to winning is by placing the blocks judiciously and earning points. Choose carefully from the three blocks provided and consider putting them thoughtfully, not leaving any cells blank. Dumping all available blocks on the grid in the fear that the timer will run out dwindles your chances of getting far in the game. Maintaining a decent pace in placing the blocks and their appropriate placement on the board is essential. Carefully placed blocks stand a greater chance to help you clear rows and columns and climb further up the scoreboard.


You will notice a drastic difference in your scores once a strategy is in place and you follow the above tips. It makes sense to prepare yourself for any scenario within the Block Puzzle game. Good luck playing, and most importantly, have fun!

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