How to Play Block Puzzle Game

How to Play Block Puzzle Game?

Like Tetris (a classic block game in the olden days), Block Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game. As part of it, you need to move puzzle blocks and create vertical or horizontal lines to clear maximum spaces, make room for more blocks, and augment your score within the stipulated time limit.

When you play the game on MPL, you are given 3 different puzzle blocks at a time to position on a 9×9 grid. Moreover, block games on MPL are fast-paced as each game follows a two-minute timer. The player needs to arrange the available blocks to fill out the vertical or horizontal spaces on the board. The blocks arrive in sets of three.

  • Pick a free battle or a real money tournament based on the entry fee.
  • Once the game commences, simply drag the block puzzles with a finger and place them on the grid.
  • Focus on forming lines on the grid vertically or horizontally using different shapes.
  • The player with the greater score at the end wins the battle.

How to Download Block Puzzle Game for Free Online?

The MPL Pro gaming app is free and supported on both iOS and Android devices. No separate game apps are needed to play online.

For iOS Devices

To play Block Puzzle games on iOS, you can download the MPL app directly from the Apple App Store.

• Once downloaded, install the app.

• After installation, register via email ID or log in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

• On the app’s dashboard, head to the search bar, type “Block Puzzle,” and select the game to launch.

• You’re all set to explore Block Puzzle on the MPL app.

For Android Devices

To play Block Puzzle games on Android, you need to get the MPL app first. It isn’t available for direct download on the Google Play Store.

• Download the MPL Pro apk by heading to the MPL website; install and open it.

• Type “Block Puzzle” in the search bar.

• Indulge in free or cash battles based on your preference. Download the necessary game resources and launch the game.

• The app readily matches you with another player.

Block Puzzle Gameplay Features on MPL

The MPL variant of the game is a bit different from puzzle games you may have played elsewhere. The main goal is to clear out as many cells as possible before the board completely fills up or the timer runs out. The player resumes receiving shapes in groups of three to put on the board until the timer ends or when no cells are available to place them. The game then comes to a close, and the player who has a higher score wins the game.

Players achieve a base score for placing the shapes on the board successfully. When players clear rows or columns of blocks, they are rewarded with a base and a bonus to form a line. If a player completes multiple columns or rows in a single move, the score gets multiplied by the number of filled rows or columns. For instance, a player forms two complete lines, the score would be (base score + bonus score)*2.

Block Puzzle Strategy and Tips

It is always good to learn a few tips and intelligent strategies to understand the game better and have fun at the same time.

• Begin from the corners: Start placing blocks from the corners to get better vertical and horizontal options during any move. Moreover, this helps fit blocks strategically to avoid leaving blank spaces in between. If you follow this tip, the grid will not fill too fast and end your game due to a lack of space to place the blocks. Also, it can lead to a potentially higher score.

• Focus on clearing vertical or horizontal lines: The game is not about fitting blocks aimlessly. The goal is to clear horizontal and vertical lines. Keep in mind that you earn points each time you clear a line.

• Try clearing multiple rows and columns: You should also remember that you can earn bonus points by clearing several rows and columns simultaneously. Even when the focus is on clearing horizontal and vertical lines, you must be conscious of where you place blocks as you can use them to clear numerous lines in just a single move.

• Always leave space for the 3×3 square piece: The abrupt appearance of the 3×3 square piece can turn out to be a bummer. You need to always stay alert while playing the game and remember to leave space if you want your game to go on longer. The idea here is to create space, not simply fill it. Clearing cells to add more blocks is what gets you points. So, ensure that you leave a 9-square room for the 3×3 blocks always.

• Plan your moves beforehand: It is essential to plan your moves and stay at least two blocks ahead to land a better score. The game allows you to view three blocks simultaneously, with a new set of three blocks showing up once you have placed all the blocks from the existing set. This leaves a solid opportunity for you to strategically plan your moves and place blocks to clear maximum cells.

• Strategize instead of dumping: Bear in mind that the key to win is by placing the blocks judiciously and earning points. Choose carefully from the three blocks provided and consider putting them thoughtfully, not leaving any cells blank. Dumping all available blocks on the grid in the fear that the timer is running out dwindles your chances of getting far in the game. Maintaining a decent pace in placing the blocks and in their appropriate placement on the board is essential. Carefully placed blocks stand a greater chance to help you clear rows and columns and climb further up the scoreboard.

How to Win Block Puzzle Game and Earn Real Cash on MPL?

In Block Puzzle Games, it’s all about coming out victorious against your opponent with a higher score. You can choose to play a cash game out of the numerous battles available on the MPL app, deposit the entry fee, and win the cash reward for that battle once you defeat your opponent. However, you cannot play cash games if you reside in WA, TN, MD, LA, CT, SDMI, NV, AZ, AR, DL, MT, SC, and SD. If you currently live in any of these states, you can play an endless number of free practice games.

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