Try These Block Games Online if You Love Block Puzzle

Who says brain training and fun can’t go together? Block games have always been fascinating to solve for children and adults alike. It’s worth playing Block Games online because it acts as a stress buster and also helps rotate those mental gears. Block Puzzle is among the more popular ones; many variants have come up over the years. Now that they’ve come into the world of mobile phones, we have their digital versions too. Read on to find the handpicked recommendations of online block games if you love Block Puzzle.

Play these block games online and activate your brain cells!

Puzzle Games are Good for the Brain

List of Block Puzzle Games To Play Online

1. Block Champ:

With a few twists on the archetypal Block Puzzle, Block Champ has lightning bolts, and ice cubes added to this game with the usual blocks. You simply have to place the blocks on the 10×10 grid to fill the lines. Once the blocks match, the lines will be cleared automatically. Lightning bolts act as multipliers. Ice cubes need to melt before removing the lines. This game, made by Arkadium, compels your brain to think of new moves and clear out the lines. A must-try for sure.

2. MPL Block Puzzle:

It resembles the classic Block Puzzle game. It is a casual block game where you have to arrange blocks of different patterns on a 9×9 grid board. The more quickly you create spaces for more cells, the more points you will get. Here’s another catch. You’ll compete against another where you must complete the challenge within 2 minutes. You win the game if you have a high score.

block games online- Block Puzzle game

3. Jewel Block Classic:

In this block puzzle game, you have to simply drag the blocks, move them, and create full lines vertically or horizontally on the grid. The challenge is that you cannot rotate the blocks. However, there is no time limit. Jewel Block Classic, despite a few twists, is perfect for brainstorming.

4. Wood Block Puzzle:

A challenging puzzle game. You must move the wooden block horizontally or vertically to clear the line. You can play this anytime, anywhere, because you don’t need wifi to enjoy playing. It has easy controls and has no time limits too. Download the Wood Block Puzzle game on Android now!

5. Tetris:

Tetris, one of the first Block Puzzle games, started in 1984, has now advanced to the mobile version. Like a classic block puzzle game, you have to complete lines with ‘tetrominoes’ (differently shaped pieces) placed on the playing field. The blocks disappear when you match the lines, and the player gains points. You then move on to fill the remaining empty spaces with new blocks. The game ends when no empty spaces remain. The longer you vacate the spaces, the more you’ll keep earning points. Tetris also has a multiplayer version, where opponents can impose a penalty against the opponents. It would help if you defeated them by staying longer in the game.

Get this game on the Android and iOS platforms and enjoy playing with your friends with Tetris Together. With Tetris Royale mode, you will face off with 99 other players.

6. Folding Blocks:

This is one of those block games that stands out from the rest. Here, you must unfold the blocks correctly to fill the space and complete the challenges. You can download Folding Blocks for free.

7. Magic Cube Puzzle 3D:

You must’ve played Rubik’s Cube as a kid. Now it has a mobile version too! You have to return each cube to its initial phase. There are multiple puzzle sizes from 2x2x2 up to 20x20x20. It has realistic 3D animation and free cube rotation on all axes; the Cube Puzzle is an absolute delight to play.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic:

A puzzle game with a few twists, Jigsaw Puzzle Epic is essentially a jigsaw game with over 10,000 photographs. Each day, you will get a new puzzle to solve! There are puzzles of picturesque landscapes worldwide, wonders of the world, etc. What’s more, you can do puzzles out of your gallery images. It has different difficulty settings where you can solve a jigsaw puzzle for 625 pieces!

9. Block Hexa Puzzle:

A popular game for Android is Block! Hexa Puzzle. It is an addictive puzzle game where you have to fit the hexagonal puzzle pieces to fit the grid. Now, this is slightly tougher than square and rectangular blocks. Once you complete the grid, trust me, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment. Collect block pieces to level up and avoid the blockages. You can’t rotate the blocks either. But since this game has no time limits, play for as long as you want!

10. Infinite Block Puzzle:

Infinite Block Puzzle is compatible with all devices. Drag the blocks to the puzzle container to fit the perfect shape. As you level up, the challenges get more demanding. You will enjoy playing this because it has over 1000 puzzles to solve! You need no wifi, and there is no timer.

11. Blockdocu:

Let your mental gears run a little faster because the combination of Block Puzzle and Sudoku is now on the recommendation list! Match blocks to complete the lines and cubes to get them removed. Blockdocu is a 9×9 grid; you need to merge the cube blocks into the grid to build lines and squares. The blocks are of various shapes. Strategically stack sudoku blocks consisting of cubes on the board to destroy them and keep the board clean. Block Games like these are bound to keep you hooked until the end.

12. Unblock Me Free:

This is one of the most sought-after block games on Android. There are over 40,000 puzzles available in four different modes: daily, challenge, and relax. In the Relax mode, you can solve the puzzle in your own time. In the challenge mode, you must use the minimum possible moves to move the blocks. The daily mode will help you gain new strategies to play because you’ll be getting a new puzzle each day. Enjoy playing anytime and anywhere because Unblock Me enables you to improve your cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of Playing Block Games Online

1. Problem-Solving Skills Improves:

Block puzzle games enable you to find solutions more quickly and straightforwardly. In a way, you’ve been entertained and, simultaneously, gained an essential skill- problem-solving! This skill will increase your work efficiency and competitive skills.

2. Spatial Reasoning

When playing block puzzle games, the main objective is to gauge the space and place the blocks accordingly. You automatically create a mind map as to how to put those blocks. Block games help you improve space management and how to place them. As a result, you become better at navigating things in the real world.

3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games have their positive sides too. Most of us forget that video games such as block puzzle games improve our hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The fast response you need to play these games successfully can improve response time between your body and brain and even increase the speed with which you solve problems.

4. Jog Your Memory!

Playing Block puzzle games will train your working memory. To succeed in puzzle games, you must have a great short-term memory to get to the final solution. Puzzle games help you achieve precisely that.

5. Stress Buster

Whenever you win a target or complete a challenge, the body releases a hormone called dopamine. It’s called the ‘Happy Hormone’ because it increases your wellness and mood. Dopamine lowers your blood pressure and anxiety. Block puzzles can keep your stress levels under control.

In Conclusion

Block Games sharpen your brain, refine your problem-solving skills, and are therapeutic. They aid in self-improvement and development, both in adults and children. So there you have it! Try these puzzle games and become a block champ in no time!

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