Top 21 PayPal Games That Pay Real Money Instantly in 2024

You might have played many free games on your smartphone. But what if you know you can get real money for playing online games? Yes, you can win real money by playing free games and collecting cash on your smartphone to win PayPal cash directly in your account. Download real money earning games Paypal on your smartphones and earn cash rewards. There are apps where you can play free games and win cash prizes. With PayPal being a widely trusted mode of payment, you can easily receive your money directly to your PayPal account.

Players can now earn real money with PayPal games that pay real money fast. If you want to make some extra cash, PayPal offers a reliable way to earn money while playing games. In this article, let us know some of the best real money earning games PayPal, to earn PayPal money instantly.

21 Best Real Money Earning Games PayPal Cash

You can win real money directly into your bank account by playing games that pay PayPal cash. Here is a list of the top PayPal games that pay real money directly into your bank account.

PayPal Games  Category Available on
MPL Card Games, Puzzle Games, Casual Games, etc. Android and iOS devices
Bingo Cash Casino games Android and iOS devices
Cash Pool  Billiards game  Android devices
Solitaire Cash Card game  Android and iOS devices
Pool Payday Pool Game Android and iOS 
Blackout Bingo  Card game Android and iOS Devices
Solitaire Cube  Card game iOS Devices 
Match N Flip UNO card game iOS Devices
Bingo Tour Card game Android and iOS devices
8 Ball Strike Pool Game  iOS Devices
Bubble Buzz Shooting game iOS and Android Devices
AppStation Variety Android Devices
Match to Win  Matching  iOS and Android Devices
Golden Tee Golf  Golf iOS and Android Devices
Brain Battle  Math video games iOS and Android Devices
21 Blitz Card Games iOS and Android Devices
Lucky Match  Matching Game Android Devices
Bubble Venture Shooter Game iOS Devices 
Blockolot Puzzle Game iOS Devices 
CashPirate  Variety Android devices 
App Karma  Variety Android Devices

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How to Pick Legit Real Money Earning Games Paypal?

Picking the best real money earning games app out of a pool of apps can be daunting. Is the app legit? Will the app really pay real money? These are some common questions in our minds while downloading such apps. If you’re looking for free PayPal games that pay real money fast, here are some factors you must consider before downloading an app:

  1. Availability: Make sure the gaming app you choose is available on Android devices and the App Store and offers wider accessibility to players. Do not download from third-party browsers, as they may have security concerns.
  2. Assess Reviews: While most of the apps contain reviews, it is important to assess the quality and credibility of the reviews. Look for detailed reviews and cross-check the information provided in the review section to better understand players’ experience with the gaming app.
  3. Multiple Payment Gateways: Gaming apps offering multiple payment methods are more convenient. The app should offer easy transfer modes such as PayPal, Skrill, Net Banking, etc.
  4. Popularity: Research the app, go through the reviews on the internet, confirm whether the app is legit, and pays real PayPal money to users. Gaming apps with more than 4.6 stars out of 5 (>10k+ reviews) are considered reliable and safe to use.
  5. Fair Play Policy: Check whether the app follows and implements the fair play policy guidelines and rules. It is important that the app has policies to prevent unfair means, fraud, or cheating while playing games in the app.
  6. Credibility of the app: Check if the app is trustworthy and reliable. Does the app offer a secure, transparent, and trustworthy gaming platform? o framed or paid reviews should be mentioned in the feedback, as they lower the credibility and transparency of the app.
  7. Ads and In-app purchases: You must prefer real money-earning games paypal that do not contain frequent ads during the gameplay. These ads can disrupt the gaming experience. Some apps offer in-app purchase options to remove ads and purchase additional app features.

Below is a list of the top 21 real money-earning games Paypal, where you can easily earn PayPal money. The games in the list offer cash tournaments, bonuses, etc, to earn PayPal cash easily. You can play these free mobile games with your friends or random online players and start earning money online. 

1. MPL 

MPL Gaming

Mobile Premier League (MPL) provides a wide range of real money-earning games PayPal, where players can win up to $150,000 daily by playing games online. Players can enter exciting tournaments and cash games to earn PayPal cash. You can choose from a variety of money earning games on MPL, such as Gin Rummy, 3 Card Flush, Spades, Block Puzzle, Ludo, Draw 4, etc. 

MPL is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices. Here is a list of free and cash games that pay PayPal cash instantly.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular real cash card games online. Players have to make a set of matching cards and minimize unmatching cards. Here, you must have quick thinking skills and set up strategies. You can play Gin Rummy on MPL and participate in multiplayer tournaments to win money and cash rewards. 

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is one of the best PayPal games that pay real money on MPL. Create patterns or complete lines to clear the screen to earn cash prizes of over $20k and more. Earn money while brainstorming in your free time. Earn up to $20,000 daily, pay instantly into your PayPal account and spend money.

3 Card Flush

Players need to keep a hand of three cards of the same suit and make the highest-ranking combination with three cards to increase the prize pool. In the 3 Card Flush game, strategic decisions and quick thinking are key to earning real money and cash rewards online. 


Play Spades on MPL and earn $50k daily and get free rewards while playing games that pay real money completely free. Play games like Spade and win using your innovative skills, strategy, and teamwork.

Draw 4

Draw 4 is an Uno-like game. In Draw 4 online game, you will fight 1v1 with the enemy in close range. Draw your best shot to earn more money and PayPal gift cards. It is one of the free $100 PayPal games. Earn up to $50,000 daily playing fun, free games on your Android phone. You do not need to make any initial deposit on the app.


  • MPL offers free apps and gaming platforms to help you earn rewards and real money.
  • Play skill-based games and multiplayer games to earn extra money and referral bonuses.
  • The app offers instant winnings withdrawal into your PayPal account.
  • The MPL app offers a user-friendly interface and is available for both Android and iOS users.


  • Players can get distracted and spend overtime on the app playing games.
  • Require stable internet connections for a smooth gaming experience.

2. Bingo Cash

This multiplayer online gaming platform offers many free and paid games to earn cash rewards and PayPal money. The application is available on both Android and iOS devices. Play high-paying tournament games and earn $50 or even more. You must beat other players and score more points to earn real money. It has a rating of 4.6 stars on the Apple Store and 4.5 stars on the Galaxy Store.


  • Available on Android and iOS Devices.
  • There are many free real money-earning games.
  • Online tournament games and multiplayer options are available.


  • Many signing-in issues on the app.
  • Users complain of hidden charges.

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3. Cash Pool

Cash Pool is a pool game with multiplayer opportunities. You can compete with real-time players and earn real cash prizes. The game provides a user-friendly interface and many tournament games. You can earn 100$ or even more money playing different games without any entry fee.

It is a free-to-download game available on Android devices. Enter tournament games and challenge players worldwide to level up your billiards skills.


  • Provide multiplayer and worldwide tournaments.
  • Stunning user interface with sound effects and interactive controls.
  • Available in top US Cities and States


  • Available only on Android devices.
  • Legal limitations based on age are not properly implemented.
  • Higher spending due to several in-app purchases.

4. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is a popular platform for earning real money on PayPal. You can compete with players from all over the world, as the platform supports multiplayer games. You can practice with free matches. Players can compete in free matches, and whoever clears their deck of cards wins. Players earn cash rewards for winning matches. The more you win, the more you earn. You can earn cashYou money or a few dollars playing card games.


  • Available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Supports multiplayer matches and cash tournaments.
  • Easily transfer money to your PayPal account.


  • Highly addictive and time-consuming games
  • Risk-driven with high-paid tournament games

5. Pool Payday

Pool Payday is a popular online pool game that helps you earn real money and cash rewards. The game is available on Google Play and App Store. You can win prizes in a number of multiplayer tournaments where you can earn cash and other daily rewards. You can win up to $50 per tournament with minimal entry fees.


  • Easily download on Android and iOS devices 
  • Earn cash rewards and real money online.
  • Get money directly in your bank account.


  • Only available on smartphones
  • Highly addictive 

6. Blackout Bingo

Paypal Games

Blackout Bingo is a single-player gaming platform where you can play different free games and compete with other players to earn cash prizes. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. This app also contains paid tournaments and free games for points and cash rewards. Play games and earn $100 a day on your phone.

  • Exciting prizes and awards are available on the Blackout window.
  • It offers real-time interaction and a competitive environment.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers frequent updates and quick fixes.


  • Overspending risks
  • Highly addictive games 

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7. Solitaire Cube 

This iOS game allows you to participate in pro league competitions and earn cash rewards. You can also practice your gaming skills before participating in online competitions. You will earn extra points for accuracy and speed. The player with the most points will win the match. The minimum payout balance is $10, after which you can withdraw cash from your Paypal account. You can join tournaments with a minimum fee of $1. Earn $425 daily with free Android and iOS games.


  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Play with our friends and family members in real time.
  • Regular updates and improvements


  • Not available for Android players.
  • Players end up spending more than they planned.
  • Risky tournament games offer high distraction.

8. Match N Flip

This popular Android app offers strategic thinking and mind-master matching games. You must match cards with colors or numbers to clear your piles. The player who clears the piles first wins the game. You can win real money in a single multiplayer match. This gaming app offers free games, match cards, and a user-friendly experience with no ads and multiple modes. Participate in tournaments to earn $50 or even more.


  • Play live matches with players around the world. 
  • Regular version updates and fixes
  • High user-friendly experience with multiple modes and free passes.


  • Players with weak internet connections face frequent lags.
  • Motivates player to make several in-app purchases
  • Highly addictive and engaging

9. Bingo Tour

Bingo Tour is a real money-earning mobile game app where you can play and collect cash rewards. It is a free card game with multiplayer gaming options, where you can earn real money and transfer it quickly into your PayPal account. Prizes on Bingo tour depends on the entry fee. It can give a payout between $10 to $50+ to winners of the tournaments.


  • It provides seamless gameplay support with higher visual quality.
  • Regular giveaways and signing bonuses.
  • Easily withdraw your earnings in your PayPal account.


  • Frequent addictions and gambling problems may arise more often.
  • Legal limitations based on age are not properly implemented.
  • Higher spending due to several in-app purchases.

10. 8 Ball Strike 

This game is one of the most popular pool games in the US States and cities. You can win exciting prizes and transfer them quickly into your PayPal account. You earn points for each ball you sink in the hole with bonuses, combos, and multiplayer gaming options. 


  • Interactive gameplay and features.
  • Easy withdrawals in PayPal account
  • Friendly interfaces


  • Highly addictive, which may lead to serious health issues
  • Only available to iOS users

11. Bubble Buzz

Bubble Buzz is an online shooter game where you can play shooting games and earn prizes and rewards after scoring the highest number. It provides a variety of power-ups and modes to provide fair and unbiased scoring. You must aim for similar colors and match bubbles correctly to earn points. You can win $50+ playing tournament games.


  • Multiplayer gaming and power-up modes are available.
  • User-friendly interface and interactive gameplay features.


  • Potential risk of overspending and higher chances of addictions.
  • Slow rendering with constant internet interruptions.

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12. AppStation  

Appstation is a multiplayer gaming platform where you can earn money while playing games directly through your PayPal account. You will also win cash prizes and gift cards for playing popular free games on the app. It is available on Google Play and App Store devices. The minimum payout amount is $5 directly in your Paypal account.


  • Easy signup process 
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Easy transfer of money into your PayPal account


  • Potential risk of overspending and higher chances of addictions.
  • Slow rendering with constant internet interruptions.
  • Low earning potential with more gift card options.

13. Match to Win

Play games and earn money with matching and puzzle games. You can also participate in multiplayer tournaments and lottery games to earn cash prizes, which you can quickly withdraw into your account. 

The game is available on both Android and iOS Devices. The app offers real PayPal money and scratch tickets for winning puzzle games. With this free gaming app, you can earn up to $7 to $20 monthly.


  • Earn real money, gift cards, vacations, and cash rewards.
  • Multiplayer games with smoother gameplay.
  • User-friendly interface


  • Overspending due to many in-app purchases
  • Losses due to the reloading of the game in situations of bad networks.

14. Golden Tee Golf

This online golf game lets you play simulated golf matches with players worldwide and earn real money. You can customize clothing, grounds, and weather conditions for more realistic gameplay. Play with your friends and compete with players around the world. Climb the leaderboard and earn gift cards and cash prizes. It is rated 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.9 stars on App Store.


  • Frequent giveaways and bonus events
  • Quick updates and bug fixes
  • Higher star ratings on Google Play and app store.


  • Higher risk of overspending and higher chances of addictions.
  • Slow rendering with constant internet interruptions.
  • Low earning potential with more gift card options.

15. Brain Battle 

Brain Battle is a mobile gaming platform available on Android and iOS devices. Play live and multiplayer games to collect tickets, which you can convert into cash rewards. The more games you play, the more your chances of earning real money increase. You can earn $100 daily playing games on Brain Battle. This gaming app has a 4.1 rating on Google Play and a 4.7 rating on the App Store. 


  • You get rewards for playing games on this app.
  • Elevate your quick thinking and logical skills
  • User-friendly interface 


  • In-app purchases to access certain features within the app.
  • The gameplay gets poor during weaker internet connections.

16. 21 Blitz

21Biltz is a mixture of solitaire and 21-skills PayPal games that pay real money fast. Play more and train your brain to implement quick and logical thinking. You must avoid busting out and clear back-to-back stacks to score streak bonuses. The winner of the game earns real money and cash awards, which can easily be transferred into a PayPal account.  You can earn up to $50 daily with rewarded play on your mobile phones.


  • Earn through bonus and multiplayer games.
  • It is one of the free PayPal games that pay real money online.
  • Friendly user interface with bonus features.


  • A high-speed, stable connection is required for smoother gameplay.
  • In-app purchases to get access to many features.
  • Players more often end up overspending on paid tournaments and games.

17. Lucky Match

It is a free PayPal game that pay real money fast online. Earn money through matching games where you will play games like matching, spinning, and winning real money. Also, provide lucky games to earn daily prizes and amazing rewards. Play more games and earn up to $50 daily directly into your PayPal account.


  • Frequent updates and bug fixes
  • Ensures player safety with advanced encryption


  • Higher risk of losses in the Lucky Games series.
  • Requires high-speed internet connections

18. Bubble Venture

Bubble Venture is one of the real money earning games PayPal available for iOS users. This gaming app consists of many fun adventure games in which you unlock adventurous islands and real estate businesses and compete with other players to earn cash prizes. This is one of the free $100 PayPal games which helps you earn rewards, paypal gift cards and real money.

The game has a realistic gameplay interface, and users can download it for free to earn money online. Win many games and climb the leaderboard to win bigger prizes based on rankings.


  • Interactive user experience with a realistic gaming interface.
  • Free to download
  • Available on Play Store and iOS Devices.


  • Players more often end up overspending on paid tournaments and games.
  • Highly addictive, which distracts you from your other daily routine work.

19. Blockolot 

Blockolot is an online iOS gaming platform that consists of fun and interactive games that offer player chances to earn real money and transfer it to their bank account. It provides many free and paid tournaments for players to earn daily.  You can earn $10+ per tournament on this gaming app.

It offers skilled competition, where you must use your brain and quick thinking to win tournaments. If you are looking to make some quick extra cash and play PayPal games that pay real money, then Blockolot is a better option for you.


  • Easy signup process 
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Multiplayer gaming tournaments and power-up modes are available.


  • Highly addictive and engaging puzzle games.
  • There is no legal time limitation.
  • Require high-speed internet connection

20. CashPirate 

CashPirate is one of the PayPal games that helps players earn real PayPal money. This app platform consists of many interactive and fun-loving games, such as quizzes, card games, task-related games, etc., where you can earn free cash rewards after you complete the activities or tasks assigned. You can also choose for free limited product trials on the app. The minimum payout that you can withdraw in your PayPal account is $2.50.


  • Variety of task-based gaming options. You can earn money after completing the activities.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Reward options include gift cards, visa cards, prepaid mobile cards or Paypal accounts.


  • Provide limited free access and trials.
  • Low earning potentials
  • Highly distracting and addictive gaming environment.

21. App Karma 

App Karma is a task-based online earning platform where you can earn real money by completing various app tasks. Complete tasks like watching videos, shopping online, scratch cards, app offers, and more. This is also one of the free $100 PayPal games you can play online.


  • You can easily earn money by completing simple tasks.
  • Available for Android users.


  • Available on iOS devices.
  • Less trustworthy platform 
  • Low-level user interface

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How to Connect PayPal Account to Recieve Prize Money?

Check out the steps below to connect your PayPal account easily and receive payment and cash rewards.

  • Step 1: Create a PayPal account with your email address or mobile number.
  • Step 2: To enable KYC and other joining formalities, you must authenticate your email address or mobile number.
  • Step 3: Now, you must link the gaming app to your PayPal account. Simply put your account information in the app section to connect your account.
  • Step 4: You must play games and win rewards to transfer real money to your PayPal account. Remember that some games require you to have a minimum balance to withdraw money from your PayPal account.


Can I make real money while playing games?

Many mobile gaming applications will help you earn real money and cash rewards. You can easily transfer them to your PayPal account. For instance, you can win up to $150,000 daily by playing real money earning games PayPal on MPL.

Are there any free mobile gaming apps?

Yes, plenty of free mobile gaming apps provide players with real money through referrals, wins, bonuses, surveys, tasks, and more. The MPL app is a free mobile gaming app where you can win up to $150,000 daily by playing PayPal games that pay real money fast.

How to get money in a PayPal account from online games?

There are many real money earning apps where you can play with your friends or players worldwide and earn money and cash rewards. All you need to do is link your PayPal account to transfer earnings into your bank account. 

Is real money-earning apps real or fake?

Not all mobile earning apps are real or legit. Some apps run various scams to lure you into paying money, while others can be legitimate. You must go through online reviews on social media platforms and check the online presence of the apps before linking your bank account. Ensure that the app is legit before you download and play.

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