How to Earn Money in Bubble Shooter: The Complete Guide

Introduction to Bubble Shooter

Popping bubbles is fun and a suitable means of stress relief for folks worldwide, especially in the US. Imagine shooting hundreds of bubbles on your smartphone screen – one of the best feelings ever! Bubble shooter games can turn out to be solid time-killers. Thankfully the Bubble Shooter game is enjoyable for everyone, implying that it doesn’t require users to be at a specific skill level to play and win. It is a casual arcade game where the goal is to score points by blasting bubbles by matching sets of three or more.

Since each 1v1 session is time-bound, the focus is on registering the higher score within the given limits. As such, the gameplay structure and layout hold your attention all through, not leaving any room for monotony. However, isn’t it even better if you could compete for cash prizes? Real cash prizes?

Download The MPL App & Start Popping Bubbles

Not to surprise you out of the blue, but you can do just that, i.e., play games on the MPL gaming app – Bubble Shooter included – and win real cash. If you’re an iPhone user, we recommend you download the game right away from the App Store and start playing to win real money rewards!

There are more reasons why you should check out Bubble Shooter on the app. Here are some for your quick understanding:

Safety & Security – Every Bubble Shooter game you play is 100% safe, fraud-free, and legal, be it a free practice game or a cash contest.

Top-Class Gaming Experience – MPL offers one of the most competent Bubble Shooter experiences you’ll ever find on the App Store.

Asynchronous Play – Say goodbye to long load times. Start playing Bubble Shooter games immediately and let other players join in later and complete their session for score comparisons.

Instant Withdrawals – Withdraw all winnings instantly to your bank account, no delays whatsoever!

Free Games for Practice – If you’re new to the mechanics of Bubble Shooter, start with a few practice games to get a decent hang of it before going for any high-stakes cash contests.

Bubble Shooter Gameplay: Rules on MPL

Before you play to win real money rewards, it is essential to understand the gameplay features and rules of Bubble Shooter on MPL.

The screen comprises many bubbles, with clusters belonging to the same color arranged in random order, on the upper section of the board. You’ll find a small cannon at the bottom of the grid. The goal is to use this cannon to clear entire lines of bubbles by aiming, hitting, and matching with the right sets of bubbles. Color is a crucial aspect that determines the angle of your strike. It would be best to hit the bubble cluster with a bubble of the corresponding color to make them disappear.

You’ll also come across a scenario where you get to target several clusters of bubbles simultaneously – that’s truly a sight to behold! But these aren’t easy to come by. Playing Bubble Shooter needs razor-sharp focus, efficient hand-eye coordination, lots of patience and practice, and the skill to visualize patterns and connections.

Formats of Play in MPL’s Bubble Shooter Game

On the MPL app, you play 1v1 practice games (for free) or cash battles. You will need to submit an entry fee; after that, you’ll compete against random opponents where you need to win consistently. There are no levels applicable in Bubble Shooter. The player can keep playing until the opponent accepts defeat or their board fills up with bubbles.

Since the games are 1v1, both players start at zero points on their respective screens. Since the strategies and moves made by each player vary, the competition stays thrilling all through. The winner is, of course, the player with the highest number of points.

Can I play Bubble Shooter for cash?

As explained above, Bubble Shooter is just one among multiple games on the MPL app that you can play and win real cash legally. This exciting opportunity adds an intriguing layer to the already fun game. In the game’s main menu, pick any available cash tournaments or 1v1 battles for the chance to win big money. You never know; one good day’s play is all it takes! Also, you can immediately cash out all your winnings via Apple Pay or PayPal.

Things to Know

On the MPL gaming app, there are plenty of leaderboard contests across several games where you stand a chance to win big. The catalog is pretty vast, with several categories to choose from, including card games (Cube Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, 21 Puzzle), casual games (Bingo, 8 Ball Blast, Match 3), sports games (Bowling, Baseball Star, Hoops), and more. Each of these games offers similar opportunities to win real cash.

It is important to note that some states in the US do not permit cash battles and tournaments – namely AZ, TN, DL, SD, WA, AR, MD, MI, LA, NV, AR, CT, DL, MT, and SC.

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