10 Reasons Why You Should Play on MPL

What is MPL?

MPL (expanded as Mobile Premier League) is Asia’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform, with over 100 million users in India and Indonesia. Our primary offering is the MPL Pro App, loaded with various games available both on Android and iOS, spread across categories like fantasy gaming, card games, casual games, and esports.

MPL has launched in the US as an all-in-one gaming platform. The app is instantly downloadable on the App Store for iOS users or from the MPL website for Android users. You can currently find the following games on it, segregated by category:

Each game on the app has three distinct game modes: free practice games, 1v1 cash battles, and multiplayer cash tournaments. Now, let’s quickly understand why you should give MPL a try if you already haven’t. 

Why Play on MPL 

Multiple games on a single platform 

The first and foremost reason has got to be the variety of choices available. With 14 games (mentioned above and more being under development), the app is a unique space that has something to offer for everyone. If you’re a card game enthusiast, try one of the Solitaire games. Check out Bingo or 8 Ball Blast if you’re into casual gaming. Likewise, the entire list is worth a try. 

100% Secure & Legal 

As MPL games are categorized under games of skill, there is no question regarding the legality of play. The platform is wholly authentic and legal, with a prime focus on fair play. The app has tight security restrictions in place to combat cheating and fraud. We also use cutting-edge fraud detection systems besides empowering our users to report fraudulent users on the app, ensuring a safe and user-friendly gaming experience. 

24×7 Customer Support 

We work round the clock to ensure our users enjoy the highest standards in mobile gaming. If you feel that their experience is not up to the mark or have suggestions for improvement, you can always reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help you. Alternatively, you can visit the Contact Us section of our website and fill up a form, and the team will respond to you shortly after.

Exciting Offers & Bonuses 

Your gaming journey on MPL is filled with kickass offers, daily spins, and referral bonuses. You receive a welcome bonus of 5 MPL Coins on signing up. New users have different missions, and you must complete them within seven days to earn rewards. Spin the wheel as you launch the app each day to win exclusive prizes, including cashback, MPL coins, and more. You can also earn five coins for each friend who signs up with your in-app referral code. Click here for more information on the MPL starter pack!

Best-in-class gaming experience 

MPL offers a user experience par none. The app features user-friendly interfaces and its design renders navigation a piece of cake. On firing up the app, you can view the dashboard that features special events, top games, new additions, the play-with-friends groups, referrals, and the support section, besides your MPL wallet displaying your cash types. The games are meticulously designed to satisfy almost every kind of gamer out there!

Instant Withdrawals 

You can instantly withdraw your Winning cash from the MPL wallet via trusted gateways such as PayPal and transfer them to your bank account. On the other hand, you can utilize Deposit Cash and Bonus cash (i.e., the additional cash types in the MPL wallet) to play cash games for 1v1 battles, multiplayer events, and tournaments. In the case of PayPal withdrawals, almost all transactions are instantaneous. 

Free Practice Games 

If you’re fairly new to the world of online gaming, MPL offers the chance for you to get acquainted with its games via the free battles feature. They’re unrestricted for play everywhere in the US, with an infinite number of match-ups available. Our suggestion is to play enough free practice games before participating in cash tournaments or multiplayer events. Not only does this enhance your chances of winning, but it also helps you understand the respective game mechanics better. 

Zero Wait Time

One of the most prominent reasons for anyone to play on MPL is that there’s no waiting time whatsoever. The app enables asynchronous play for most of its games, wherein you can immediately start playing whether or not an opponent is readily available to compete. It will synchronize your score with an opponent’s saved game or update you later when they have actually played their turn and compare scores to declare a winner. This makes for a seamless experience as an online gamer!

Play with Friends 

Now, MPL incorporates yet another exciting feature into its gaming application that allows you to create a group, invite your friends (via text, email, or other apps), and play against each other. This presently applies to Bingo Clash, 8 Ball Blast, Wordzie, Pinball, and 21 Puzzle. As mentioned earlier, you can find this feature by scrolling down on the app’s main dashboard screen. Start a new group or join an existing group to compete with its members in challenges that run for 24 hours. 

User Generated Tournaments (UGTs)

Another striking new feature in the app is hosting private tournaments. All you need to do is pick a game of your choice, find the “host tournament” button, set the parameters, and create the tournament by submitting the fee. Other players can join the contest by entering the appropriate tournament code – compete until the duration of the tournament concludes and determine the winners and prize break-ups. You can generate UGTs for ten games currently!

The Bottomline

Here’s the thing – if you are passionate about mobile gaming, then you definitely ought to download the MPL Pro app and put your skills to work because tremendous rewards are waiting to be won! 

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