Quickstart Guide to Playing on MPL

Welcome to MPL—where you can play and compete with thousands of gamers across the country!

We’ve got classic games like 8 Ball Pool, Speed Chess, Bingo, Solitaire, and so many more. Play for free in the practice arena or make things interesting by competing for cash.

Below we’ve got a few tips to help you get started. Keep an eye out for new games, features, and updates.

Enjoy your Welcome Bonus

Good news! There are 5 MPL Coins waiting for you in your wallet. You can use MPL Coins to enter specific tournaments and leaderboards.

Try it in Bingo Clash now.

Complete new user missions

New User Missions on MPL

We’ve got missions for you—should you choose to accept them. Play games, enter battles, and more.

Complete all the missions in seven days to earn rewards!

Explore our cash types

Playing for cash is one of the many exciting features we have. In your wallet, you’ll find three different types of money.

Winning Cash: Real money won on MPL that you can withdraw at any time.

Deposit Cash: Real money deposited into your wallet. Used to enter battles and tournaments.

MPL Coins: Reward money earned by completing tasks, referring friends, and more. Coins cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it to earn Winning Cash in special battles, leaderboards, and tournaments.

Spin it to win it

Lucky Spins for Rewards

Don’t forget to use your Lucky Spins every day! You’ll earn exclusive rewards—like MPL Coins, cashback, and more.

Now jump back in and get gaming!

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