How To Play Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Shooter is a simple yet very addictive arcade game that online players can never get enough of. The ultimate goal of the online Bubble Shooter game is to clear the playing field by setting up sets of three or more bubbles of the same color. The more you destroy in one shot, the more points you score. A player wins when they clear all the bubbles from the playing field.

This fun puzzle game is now available on your smartphones via the MPL Pro app that you can download on iOS and Android. Not only is the MPL Pro app is the easiest way to play an exciting round of Bubble Shooter, but it also offers you the opportunity to participate in real-time tournaments to win cash rewards.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Game: Detailed

To launch the game, select Bubble Shooter game on the MPL app. Download the game resources and you are set to play.

Understanding Gameplay & Controls in Bubble Shooter

Once the game commences, you can view a grid of bubbles along with the shooter cannon. To shoot the bubbles, drag and pull up your finger from the cannon. You can also see a dotted line (that matches the color of the shooting bubble), giving you a fair idea of where the Bubble is likely to land on the grid above. Decide the positioning based on the color as matching three or more bubbles will burst them, earning you points accordingly. Try to position the shooting bubble in a cluster of bubbles having the same color on the grid to score even more points.

Simple Steps To Play Bubble Shooter on MPL

Step 1: Drag and lift a finger to fire

Step 2: Tap in case you wish to swap bubbles

Step 3: Match three same-colored bubbles to burst.

Step 4: Augment your score with power-ups like Fireball, Bomb, and Wildbubble.

The Purpose of Power-ups in Bubble Shooter

Fireball: This power-up can burst all the bubbles in its line and form a clear path.

Bomb: Burst an entire cluster of bubbles around it.

Wild Bubble: It matches with the Bubble of any color and helps burst them by making a combination.

When Bubble Shooter Game Ends

The game ends once your timer reaches zero or the grid of bubbles reaches the bottom. 


You can now enjoy playing Bubble Shooter games, secure a high score, and win cash rewards. Yes, you heard that right – download the app on iOS or Android, participate in cash tournaments, and win big! If you’re a beginner, play as many practice games as you wish to understand its nuances first and then go for cash games. You can view several available tournaments that you can take part in. Pick and join a contest based on your choice and skill levels. You can start playing Bubble Shooter after the deduction of the tournament’s entry fee. You have the choice to play numerous times to better your rank in the tournament while it is still in progress. Once the tournament gets over, the final ranking decides the winners and their respective cash rewards. To join a tournament, you need to either earn tokens or add cash to your MPL account.

Now that you know how to play this super-engaging game, do not delay the decision to download the MPL pro any further. It’s your chance to earn money playing Bubble Shooter. If you enjoy playing this game, remember to add a shortcut to the app’s main dashboard screen.

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