7 Bubble Shooter Tricks to Score Big

Bubble Shooter is a straightforward game that may make it look misleadingly easy. But as in most games, there is more to the Bubble Shooter game than it initially seems. It would be difficult to explain why Bubble Shooter is super fun and addictive if the game was as easy it appears to be. As there are exciting and challenging aspects to the game, it means that you should have a few Bubble Shooter tricks up your sleeve to execute while playing and increase your winning chances.

It would help if you carefully gave it a thought before you shoot bubbles and stuck to a workable strategy. As per the Bubble Shooter strategy, you must analyze the different clusters of colored bubbles on your game screen. Based on this, you should prepare for a big combo shot or drop the hanging bubbles. Target these clusters can contribute to clearing the screen faster and scoring more points.

MPL Bubble Shooter Tricks, Tips, and Strategies

While the most basic Bubble Shooter strategy involves bursting color bubble clusters (of three or more), it makes sense to understand how you can earn more points and win real money games in the process. Let us look at Bubble Shooter tips, tricks, and strategies in detail before you play bubble shooter cash games or tournaments on MPL.

1. Watch out for bubble groups of the same color

As a solid Bubble Shooter strategy, nothing beats bursting large groups of bubbles to progress faster within the game. When you find many bubbles of the same color clustered together, it is your chance to fire that one accurate shot to pop all of them in a single go.

You can create a clear path within the grid by getting rid of a large group of colored bubbles, giving you access to the bubbles in the upper sections. Destroying one or more complete rows at once that run the whole breadth of the grid is essential to score higher than your opponent.

2. Put your trust in the bank shot

The bank shot can sometimes turn out to be a “money shot” if you execute it correctly. If you aren’t sure what exactly it is, a bank shot is when you angle the shooter at one of the grid’s walls such that the shooting bubble rebounds off the sidewalls and hits the intended spot. It is beneficial when you are trying to get to difficult-to-reach bubbles where there are numerous bubbles of the same color.

A bank shot can also aid you in squeezing bubbles into empty spaces. Especially when there are no possible matches in the first row of the playing field, the bank shot can prove to be a life-saver. Without playing at least a few bank shots, the chances of you scoring more points than your opponent are less.

3. Go for the hanging bubbles

Popping all the bubbles one by one is never feasible in the Bubble Shooter game. If you happen to see bubbles floating over a group of other bubbles that are of the same color, consider yourself lucky. Instead of trying to shoot one bubble at a time, hold off until you have the right color bubble and use that bubble for popping all hanging bubbles at once.

This instantly frees up space and enables you to shoot further up the playing field. Also, ensure that you always watch out for the bubbles that show up next. If you have a clue that you can shoot two bubbles of the same color, you can even go for a solo bubble on the grid. This lets you target a solo bubble that connects an array of hanging bubbles.

4. Form a clear path

A Bubble Shooter strategy that experienced players follow is to construct a clear path. Since your shooting ammunition is limited, it is practically impossible to target bubbles purely by proximity or arrangement. You have to make every shot count and attempt to burst or detach as many bubbles as you can.

Your goal is always to clear a path to reach a large group of similar-colored bubbles or to reach the upper rows of the grid. You can then try to deconstruct it from above by forming hanging groups.

5. Use power-ups wisely

Always remember to make good use of the various power-ups available from time to time. Use Bomb to clear the grid from the bottom, Wild Bubble when no matches are available, and Fireball to pop every bubble in its line.

Employing these three power-ups at the right junctures can help increase your score in dire situations and secure an edge over the opponent.

6. Swap color of the shot

A popular but less utilized Bubble Shooter trick is switching the color of the bubble that you shoot. While it is possible only to swap between the current and the next shooting bubble, that can be super helpful in specific situations.

For instance, you must decide to shoot a bubble that opens up a clear path initially instead of squandering a shot by shooting a bubble that does not match with the bubbles in your range.

7. Pick tournaments based on skill level

The beauty of playing Bubble Shooter tournaments on MPL is that not all of them are evenly difficult. Your opponent is matched based on your level of skill in the game. You stand a higher chance of winning against a more evenly matched opponent, and as a fair gaming platform, MPL ensures that. Start by playing practice games at first to get better, then proceed to play tournaments with lower stakes before participating in the ones with higher stakes.

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