Best Android Games to Play Online for Free

As an Android user, you’re always spoilt for choices. There’s way too much ground to cover on Android phones as gamers. Whether you’re for looking for board games, strategy games, arcade games, adventure games, puzzle games, or racing games, Android has it all. In the past decade, the Android ecosystem has undergone advancements in technology. The gaming experience is on par or even better than playing a console or PC game. Many console and PC titles now have a mobile version for Android, with incredible game features and multiplayer playability.

Some of the best Android games offer the ability to compete with friends online, with a basic download from Google Play, with additional game resources for new games and updates. Keep scrolling to check out some fantastic mobile games for your Android phone or tablet. Not to forget, most of the following titles are available to play on iOS too. Here’s our curated list of the best games to try, a few of which are available for download on the Google Play Store and a few on our very own MPL app:

Battle Royal Games

#1 Call of Duty: Mobile

The world’s favorite Call of Duty is now playable on an Android phone. With its first-rate graphics, seamless gameplay, and frequent updates, it currently enjoys a massive fan following. There’s so much to dig into, including gameplay elements such as the excellent control of drone strikes, crosshair scope supported in augmented reality, and gun recoil detail. Two game modes are available for play: Multiplayer – where you engage in a 5v5 combat, & Battle Royale – where you need to march your way through a hundred other players. What’s better, you can find even a few of the classic COD maps.

#2 Fortnite

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes in the open world/battle royale/sandbox genres. It is no wonder that Fornite has one of the largest fanbases globally. We’re indeed talking about one of the fantastic games to have emerged in this era. It was initially available to play on Xbox and PlayStation but has also graced the Android and iOS platforms since then. The game features kickass game engines and three distinct modes: Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative, with only the third one being pay-to-play. The Battle Royale version is an out-of-this-world success, generating over 125 million players in less than a year.

Casual Games

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is one of the fascinating arcade games currently playable on the MPL app. Everyone, including folks in the U.S, loves the game for its simple game mechanics and smooth play. The game’s objective is pretty straightforward: keep clearing the playing field by forming groups of colored marbles, followed by shooting them with a similar one from the canon. Though Bubble Shooter is one of the easiest games to learn, it requires quite a few skills, strategy, and focus on playing and winning. This captivating MPL game is also time-bound, and players need to assemble the bubbles and clear as many before the timer runs out.

The game design and mechanics ensure that players find Bubble Shooter engaging all through. Monotony is not something to worry about when you play Bubble Shooter, especially when you clear clusters of bubbles in the form of a chain reaction – it’s certainly a sight to behold! You can keep playing until the timer runs out or the board completely fills up with bubbles.

Fruit Chop

Now, who doesn’t like fruit games? Fruit Chop is a classic example of a game that anyone can play. It doesn’t require any deep understanding, previous experience, or detailed strategies. The gameplay structure is a simple swipe-style game where the player swipes a finger across the screen to recreate a slicing action and cut fruits in half. You will get extra points if you slice multiple fruits in a single swipe. The player continues to slice fruits to earn points, and if they miss three times, the game concludes.

Bombs occasionally appear on the screen. If you swipe a bomb, the game immediately ends. There is no timer in Fruit Chop instead of many other games on the app. The game is playable on the MPL app in 1v1 battle mode. Maybe, you’ll end up winning a fortune just slicing fruits, who knows. Unleash your inner ninja with this fun arcade game on your smartphones!

Sports Games (Bowling, Hoops)


Miss heading to the bowling alley every other weekend with your friends? Fret not! The MPL app recreates the quintessential bowling alley experience with its fun-to-play Bowling game. Knock over as many pins as possible as you roll a bowling ball down the shiny, sparkling lane. As with conventional bowling rules, players earn a strike when they knock all ten pins down in the first roll. You can see an “X” marked on the scoreboard in that instance, and the player gets two extra shots.

If the player manages to do so on the second try, they earn a spare, denoted by a “/” on the scoreboard. The player gets one extra shot in such a case. Whoever has more points at the end of a fixed set of turns wins the game. The significant aspects of this MPL game are getting the angles and swipe speeds right to send the rolling ball in the desired direction and velocity.


What’s the primary objective in any basketball game? To sink baskets. Well, that’s what you’ll be doing in the most fun ways on Hoops, MPL’s resident basketball game. Compete against random online opponents in 1-on-1 battles where the plan is to sink baskets and earn points using a drag-and-release. It’s not as easy as it sounds, however. Sometimes, players can apply booster cards that work both in and against their favor.

Also, the number of points you earn per shot depends on the zone from where you take the shot – namely a 1pt, 2pt, or 3pt zone. The position of the ball varies with each shot. The boosters, which are auto-applied, can result in point multipliers.

Card Games

Cube Solitaire

There’s a good chance that you have played Cube Solitaire on your PCs growing up as a millennial or a Gen-Z-er. You can find a fast-paced, more enthralling variant of it on the MPL app. The perfect game for amateurs and experienced card game enthusiasts, the objective in Cube Solitaire is to arrange all tableau cards and transfer them to the foundation in the specific order of Ace to King of the same suit.

Each session lasts about five minutes and the player who finishes the game objective or scores more than the opponent when the timer ends wins. On MPL, the game only uses a single deck of playing cards which takes away the sophistication associated with the traditional version. Also, an “undo” button helps reverse the most recent move if better moves are available. The idea here is to think and move fast and keep the goals in mind.

Spider Solitaire

Think of Spider Solitaire on MPL as a board game with three major moving parts: the tableau – which is the player’s space to work and arrange cards in descending order from King to Ace; the stockpile – to draw a fresh row of cards when the game is stuck; the foundation – where card sequences place themselves. When a player creates a suit sequence, it automatically moves itself to the foundation. They win the game by arranging all available cards in the K to A sequence and submitted to the discard/foundation pile.

While the gameplay is easy and fast-paced, you need to strictly abide by the game rules for better winning chances. A hint system is also available in the game, but at the cost of some valuable points. The “undo” button, similar to Cube Solitaire, reverses the latest move.

21 Puzzle Game

Get both your mathematical and card-game fix with the 21 Puzzle Game on MPL. The game is as simple as its title suggests. Stack up your cards in columns of five to achieve a cumulative score of 21 (or less) and start earning points. The column then clears itself for a fresh set of cards. 21 Puzzle also uses a single deck of fifty-two cards, drawn randomly.

Each player gets three lives, so the game ends if they fail to accomplish the objective on three occasions. If the player hasn’t exhausted any lives, they get added to the final score. To play and win 21 Puzzle, you should also know the point value of each card. Ten points apply to K, Q, and J cards. The number cards carry the respective number value mentioned, while an ace card can earn one and eleven points.

The Bottomline

The Android gaming ecosystem is packed with umpteen free-to-play titles with names popping up by the hundreds every week. There’s so much to entertain yourself, from the best racing games to card games to sports games. You can give some of the top online games a try on the MPL app as well. Not only are the download and sign-up processes straightforward, but you also stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes when you play cash tournaments. Make new friends and challenge your skill levels in the process. Gamers, is there anything more exciting than that? Don’t miss out on all the fun. Get the MPL app right away!

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