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Easy to Play Online Shooting Hoops Basketball Game

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What is Hoops?

Is your shooting game strong? There's nothing like the feeling of watching the basketball sink into the hoop every time you shoot. Hoops is one of the top basketball games to play online when you are missing the court. This fun online basketball game is a 1v1 game where you and your opponent shoot hoops on the same court and compete for a higher score. The Hoops basketball game also features exciting twists in the form of booster cards that add to the challenge of sinking the perfect shots for you and your opponent. Looking to perfect your basketball shots? Join the shooting hoops basketball games online on MPL.

How does Hoops game work?

Hoops is played between two players shooting hoops on the same court virtually. The players can see each other shoot the basket and also view their scores after every shot. However, a player can also play the game even if not matched with an opponent instantly and have the opponent finish their game later to compare scores.



How to Play Hoops online?

To play the hoops online game on MPL, download the MPL app and ensure you have a stable internet connection. Follow the below steps to start playing:

You can choose to train with the free online basketball games and play against real opponents, or

Select one of the cash contests as per your preference

Submit the entry fee

When the game starts, drag the ball with your finger, set the arc, and release to shoot

Continue to sling shoot hoops until the timer ends

Get a higher score than your opponent to win the game

Rules of Hoops game

Hoops is one of the best basketball games for kids online as the rules are pretty straightforward. All you need to keep in mind is the scoring to win this online basketball challenge against your opponent. Here are some rules/game elements to follow:

Keep shooting the balls till the 90 seconds timer ends

You score points with every successful basket

The booster cards are auto-applied in the game

The objective is to make perfect baskets and score higher than other players during the given time

The player with the highest score at the end of the timer wins the contest

In case of a draw, extra 15 seconds are given to both players to score points

Why play Hoops Online on MPL?

Hoops is one of the best basketball shooting games online and promises unlimited fun while playing against a real-life opponent. Here are all the reasons why you must try the game on MPL:

Legal & Secure

Instant Withdrawals

Zero Wait Time

Free Practice Games

Best-in-class gaming experience

Real-life Opponents

24x7 Customer Support

How to Download Hoops on MPL?

The MPL gaming app is free and supported on iOS devices. To play the Hoops basketball games online, iOS users can download the MPL app from the App Store.

Install the app after downloading

Register using an email ID or log in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account

Tap on the Hoops game

Download the game resources

Start sinking the balls in the basket

Payment Options available

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