How to Download Basketball Hoops Game on MPL

What to Expect in Shooting Hoops Basketball Game on MPL?

Whether you closely follow the NBA or you’re simply looking for a great game of basketball on your phone, Hoops is a thoroughly enjoyable game to play. MPL offers an updated version of arcade basketball wherein the key is to sink as many balls into the hoops as possible. It is a 1v1 game where you and your opponent shoot hoops and compete for a greater score on the same court.

The game is always in free throw mode. As other complicated game modes don’t exist in the MPL version, all you have to do is throw your best shot each time. If you aren’t matched with an opponent instantly, you can still play the game and have the opponent finish up later for score comparisons.

How to Download Hoops Basketball Game for Free Online?

You can now play Basketball Games on the MPL Pro gaming app seamlessly. It is available for free download on your smartphone. Based on your device, follow the instructions given below. No separate app is required to play free basketball games online.

For iOS Devices

To play Basketball games on your iPhone, you can download the MPL app directly from the App Store.

• Once downloaded, install the app.

• After installation, register via email ID or log in using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

• On the app’s dashboard, head to the search bar, type “Hoops,” and select the game to launch.

• You’re all set to play MPL’s Basketball Game.

For Android Devices

To play Basketball games on Android, you need to get the MPL app first. It’s a 100% free app.

• Visit the MPL website to download the MPL Pro apk; install and open it.

• Type “Hoops” in the search bar.

• Decide between free or cash battles based on your preference. Download the necessary game resources and launch the game.

• The app instantly matches you with another online player.

Hoops Basketball Game Features and Gameplay on MPL

Once the game starts, you need to use a finger to drag the ball to shoot a slingshot, set the tilt angle, and lift your finger to shoot. Every time the ball sinks into the hoop, you score points. The position of the ball automatically keeps changing during the course of the game. The idea is to keep shooting the ball into the basket till the timer reaches zero. The player who has a higher score wins the game. You can keep a close watch of your opponent’s score in the top panel.

The game also features eleven booster cards that make it more fun and challenging. These cards are auto-applied as you keep playing and are applicable for a set time. In case of a points tie, the game offers an extra fifteen seconds to both players for a chance to score higher.

How to Score More Points in Hoops Basketball Game on MPL?

Points are awarded each time a player scores a basket. What determines the points you score depends on the zone that you take the shot. It varies between a 1pt, 2pt, or 3pt zone. If a point booster card is applied while the game is in progress, every basket you score gets accordingly multiplied.

You must keep an eye out for the following booster cards to help you score additional points:

• XXL Hoop -Augments the size of the hoop

• Magnet – Activates a magnetic force towards the hoop

• Hoop Shrinker – Reduces the size of the hoop

• Gravity – Adds an environmental effect to the shot

• Aim Extender – Enlarges the size of the aiming arc

• Earthquake – The screen begins to shake

• Moving Screen – A giant hand shows up and attempts to block the opponent’s aim

• Brickwall – A wall blocks the hoop, forcing the opponent to find a way around it

• Wind- The wind sways the ball, making it difficult to score

• Ink Blot – An inkblot splashes across your opponent’s screen, almost blinding your view of the basket

• Short Aim – Reduces the size of the aiming arc

Booster cards make the game a lot more fun and interesting, whether it’s a game with friends or other random opponents. Firing shots consistently is key to scoring perfect baskets and securing an edge over your opponent. Play a good number of practice games as well before you participate in any cash contests.

Can I Earn Real Cash on MPL by Playing Hoops Basketball Game?

Yes, absolutely!

You can win real cash rewards when you compete with your opponent on MPL’s Hoops – one of the safest basketball games you can play online. The amount of winning depends upon the cash contest that you enter. Before you select a cash contest, you can also take a look at the prize break-up for that contest to determine the amount the winner shall receive.

What you’ll also love is the fact that you can instantly withdraw your winnings and have them credited to your bank account. Enjoy all these facilities and more without needing to install multiple apps. However, the respective state’s regulations do not allow cash games if you currently reside in CT, DL, MT, AR, SC, AZ, WA, SD, NV, LA, MD, MI, and TN. You can still play an infinite number of free practice games and have fun defeating your buddies or other random players.

Is Playing Hoops Basketball Game Online Legal on MPL?

Yes! It is 100% legal to play basketball games on MPL. The platform is safe, legal, and offers a seamless gaming experience. The process of playing a cash battle is also relatively simple. For anyone who is new to the platform, the steps are as follows:

• Select to participate in any of the available cash contests as you prefer

• Deposit the entry fee to enter the game

• As the game begins, drag the ball using your finger, set the tilt angle, and release to shoot

• Keep shooting baskets until the timer ends

• To win the game, secure a higher score than your opponent

• Once downloaded, install the app.

• After installation, register via email ID or log in using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

• On the app’s dashboard, head to the search bar, type “Hoops,” and select the game to launch.

• You’re all set to play MPL’s Basketball Game.

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