Strategy & Tips To Win MPL’s Mahjong Puzzle

Introduction to Mahjong Puzzle on MPL

MPL’s Mahjong Puzzle is an enjoyable game with a straightforward objective. Match two tiles of the same design to make them disappear, add points to the scoreboard, unlock more layers, and repeat the process until there are no tiles left or the timer has run out.

The tile-matching game of Mah Jongg (or Mahjong, as it is commonly called) is easy to learn but not always easy to beat. When you’re sitting down to play Mahjong, there are specific tips and strategies that you must be aware of, which help you win more often than not. While there isn’t a single “perfect strategy” to point fingers at, you’ll learn many things that aid you along the way as the game progresses. Matching tiles may sound pretty straightforward, but when you have as many as forty different tile designs and over twenty tile layouts or patterns, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Mahjong Strategies for Beginners & Experienced Players

We’ll make your experience a lot easier with these practical Mahjong strategies and tips. Here are some that you should know before playing Mahjong Puzzle:

Quick Hands

Mahjong Puzzle has a lot to do with hand-eye coordination that you might anticipate. The best way to get your fingers to work their magic is to play a sufficient number of free practice games. This gives you much-needed clarity on the game’s mechanics while not having to win or lose anything.

Acquiring the skill of quick hands processes differently to different players – this Mah Jongg strategy only takes a few practice games for some, while it can take a lot longer for others. Quicker hands can effectively lead to fewer tiles remaining when the timer concludes. That’s an indirect recipe for a higher score.

Eagle Eyes

Spotting the match for a particular tile in a sea of tile designs and patterns can turn out to be very challenging. Your eyes will have to run through a series of unique-but-also-somewhat-similar sets of free tiles to find matches. Also, players need to do this in a repetitive cycle till all the tiles disappear from the board. Easier said than done, right? A close, careful watch on the board at all times ensures that all remaining tiles on the board get cleared, including the very last tile.

Even when we say that there isn’t a typical best strategy, a steady pair of eyes on the screen can work wonders for your score. No kidding!

Timer: A Blessing in Disguise

In MPL’s Mahjong Puzzle, each session has a fixed time limit of two minutes. Within this period, you have to develop a unique playing style, watch over the board, pair up similar tiles and rack up those points to defeat other players. If you manage to make all tiles on the board vanish before the time runs out, you get a timer bonus added to your final score.

Don’t go crazy counting how many tiles are left given the limited time – you’ll even get a nudge when there’s just a minute left in the game. Instead, work on finding matches as there are always enough tiles to work on.

Memorize Patterns and Designs

The generally accepted version of American Mah Jongg comprises different kinds of tiles that fall under four main categories. These include:

  • Suits – Circles, bamboos, and character tiles
  • Honors – Dragons and wind tiles
  • Flowers & Seasons
  • Jokers (or wild tiles)

Out of these, MPL’s Mahjong Puzzle features all except jokers. The characters and symbols of tiles can appear so similar that players struggle to differentiate each of them at first glance. It is ideal to remember these designs and patterns for easier play. Understanding one’s own tiles goes a long way in securing back-to-back wins, especially when you’re playing cash tournaments. In many sessions, you may end up struggling to find a match for only one tile – that’s where retaining the designs in your memory can come in handy!

Free up Stacked Tiles

The board on the game screen is composed of multiple layers. Unless you clear the top layer, you will not have access to the layers lying beneath (even if some of them may be viewable). Freeing up stacked tiles in the top layer of tiles unlocks the next layer.

Making fast moves is entirely acceptable as Mahjong Puzzle doesn’t impose a penalty on pairing up the wrong tiles. It simply rejects the pairing, and your quest continues, simplifying the game and its concept of fast-paced, thrilling play. Knowing this can especially turn out to be helpful when you’re a first-timer, unaware of the game’s more minor details.

Avoid Distractions During Play

It is advisable to stop all other activities and pause other notifications that may deter your performance in the game. Frequent interruptions can lead to regrettably lower scores in the end, and you would not want that. Hence, make it a point to keep your mind and playing space clear of all possible distractions and disruptions.

Also, a stable internet connection is required to play the game. In case you lose connectivity, your chances of winning will be slim. So, before you start the game, ensure that you avoid unnecessary disturbances that impact your concentration levels.

Frequent Practice

Do not immediately jump to cash battles or tournaments if you’re new to the game. Start by playing free practice games even if you have played other Mahjong tile-matching games. Practice games give you insights into the look and feel of the game without having any stakes at play. Everything in the game is as it plays out in a cash tournament, but there’s no money element involved – neither do you have to submit an entry fee to enter the game, nor do you win any money in a free game.

There’s no limit to the number of practice games you can play. You can always view them in the game’s dashboard. Consider them a warm-up before entering high-stakes battles and tournaments.

The Bottomline

Are you all set to play Mahjong Puzzle on MPL? With these Mahjong strategies and tips, you certainly stand a better chance of winning more games. Download the app right away!

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