How to use PayPal account and play games for cash on MPL?

You love to play real cash games and earn money but are contemplating whether you should enter your card details on the game apps. While the free games are fun to play, you would want to try your hand at playing games with real money and winning cash rewards.

What if you can play online games without having to worry about compromising your payment information? Playing games online without being anxious is possible with Paypal games that pay real money. The MPL game app supports playing Paypal games for cash to win money online. Here’s everything you need to know to play PayPal games that pay cash on one of the best game apps.

How to play cash contests on MPL using PayPal?

Playing mobile games to win cash prizes has never been so easy. The MPL app supports payment for cash contests through PayPal. All you need to do is join PayPal for free and sign up using your email address and a password. You can link your bank accounts, debit, and credit cards securely on PayPal. When you are on the MPL app, you can pay instantly using PayPal. This way, you won’t have to use your payment information on the MPL platform to earn money by playing games.

How do I deposit money?

You can make a seamless direct deposit to your MPL wallet with PayPal. If you are not comfortable using other available payment options on MPL, you can use your PayPal money to deposit cash in your wallet. You will have to link your account with PayPal to make the deposit. Follow the below steps to deposit cash and play games for PayPal cash:

  • Hop on to the MPL app on your mobile phone
  • Tap on the wallet icon in the top right corner
  • You can view the cash balance available in the wallet
  • Tap on the ‘Add Cash’ icon under the Deposit Cash category
  • Select the State you reside in and enter the deposit amount
  • Tap on ‘Proceed to Add Cash’, and you will have several payment options
  • Select the PayPal option and make the payment

How can I withdraw money?

When you win real money by playing online games on MPL, you have the option to withdraw the winnings instantly. Besides the winning cash, you can also withdraw the deposit cash and bonus cash on MPL. The app offers multiple withdrawal methods such as PayPal, bank account, and Apple Pay. If you want to pay instantly to Paypal, simply follow the below steps:

  • Open the MPL app on your mobile
  • Tap on the wallet icon in the top right corner
  • You will find a winning Cash option under Cash Balance
  • Tap on withdraw and enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Choose PayPal as the withdrawal method to withdraw money directly
  • Ensure you link your PayPal to MPL for a seamless withdrawal

What are the other payment gateway options on MPL?

The other payment gateway options that MPL offers to make deposits are bank transfer, payment via debit or credit card, and Apple Pay. You can make payments securely using any available options and play the cash tournaments and contest to win real money.

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