Combating Fraud & Cheating On The MPL App

What is MPL Fairplay?

In simple terms, MPL Fairplay is the highest benchmark of protection against fraud and cheating offered by the MPL gaming platform. It is the brand’s assurance to you – the gamer – of the measures taken to ensure fair gameplay experience and practices. By doing so, we enable all gamers on our platform to focus entirely on playing and winning games without having to worry about things like data breaches, transactional security, or hacking. 

How MPL Defines Cheating

We define cheating as follows:

  • Using cheats, exploits, hacks, bots, “mods,” or third-party applications to gain unfair advantages over other players or modify or interfere with our services.
  • Any activity that interferes, inhibits, or prevents other players from using or accessing our services in any manner.
  • Unauthorized access of data in any form, which includes misuse of bugs or employing third-party tools and applications.
  • Colluding with any other individual(s), engaging in any type of syndicate play, or engaging in intentionally poor play to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Use of tools or techniques to alter, mask, or fabricate your personal data or location.
  • Use of our services in any manner that contradicts our Terms of Service.

5 Things MPL Does to Combat Fraud and Cheating:

  1. New age technology to prevent suspicious behavior

Our cutting-edge fraud prevention technology detects any suspicious behavior in the      background such as usage of rooted devices or hacking tools on the playing device and initiates appropriate action.

  1. Machine Learning-Based Fraud Detection Algorithms

Our internal machine learning-based cheating detection systems run round the clock to catch any cheating or fraudulent behavior based on gameplay patterns, and automatically bring this to the attention of our Customer Excellence team, which then takes appropriate actions. It helps keep the app environment safe from hacking and other unscrupulous practices. 

  1. Anti Money Laundering Checks

We also ensure that the gaming platform is never used as a mechanism to launder money. Our internal transaction and gameplay monitoring systems promptly detect and report such instances, keeping all laundering activities in check. 

  1. Empowering Users to Report Fraud/Cheating

Head to the “Support” section on the app (which is MPL’s Helpdesk) and find the option to “Report User” who you believe is cheating or “Report a fraud” to highlight gameplay where you feel you were cheated. The option allows you to elaborate on issues that you can substantiate with relevant screenshots/ videos.

  1. Punishing Users for Misconduct

We reserve the right to penalize users for instances of misconduct on a case-by-case basis. If we find a user actively engaging in any cheating or fraudulent activity, we may permanently ban them from the app and forfeit their winnings. 

Other Ways We Protect Our Gamers

MPL Security Assurance

We use top-notch data security tools and practices to ensure that user data stays private and secure at all times. We regularly test our systems using both manual and automated processes internally and externally. As a gaming company, data protection is undoubtedly our numero uno.  

Payment Security

All transactional information is stored in a safe and secure environment. We collaborate with reliable, well-established third-party payment gateways, including PayPal and Apple Pay to ensure seamless transactions. 

We are Listening!

At any point, if you feel we aren’t delivering the standards you expect, drop us an email at [email protected] as to how we can make your experience better.

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