30 Best Puzzle Apps & Games to Try in 2022

It will be no surprise to spend more time indoors primarily as an after-effect of the pandemic. Whether that is or isn’t the reason, you might always want to have a few puzzle apps on your smartphone or tablet. The problem is, there are thousands to select from, but we’ve made your job easier by narrowing them down to a list that includes some of the best puzzle apps for iPhone and Android users.

Also, you needn’t worry, as these aren’t just generic jigsaw puzzle apps! We do feature one in our list, but the others incorporate all kinds of variations of puzzle apps that you get to pick from. In our definitive list, you’ll come across interesting puzzle games and apps that deal with numbers, word puzzle apps based on how well your knowledge of the English language is, ones that art-lovers will totally relish, mobile puzzle games that involve out of the box thinking, and various other puzzle apps that take you on exciting adventures. From the best puzzle apps in the App Store to the best Android puzzle games, here are some that you should try out.

It doesn’t matter what type of puzzles you’re a fan of – whether contemporary or classic puzzle games, you’ll find something enjoyable on this list!

Best Puzzle Games & Apps: The Definitive List

1. Match 3D

There’s nothing to hate and everything to like about the Match 3D app with its adorable combinations of emojis, food, animals, and more to pair up. This puzzle matching is suitable for everyone in the household, so you can all play together. Each level gets increasingly challenging as you progress and objects become tougher to figure out, so it all boils down to your focus and attention levels in solving all the puzzles.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

2. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

MPL – Asia’s largest gaming platform – is now in the US, featuring some of the best puzzle games you’ll find on the internet. These include Mahjong Puzzle, Block Puzzle, and Chess Puzzle. In Mahjong Puzzle, it’s all about finding the matching tile to place, while in Block Puzzle, it’s about placing blocks on the grid without losing space. Chess Puzzle offers an intriguing series of chess situations where you must correctly figure out the next move(s).

MPL also features games in other categories, including Arcade games, Card games, Casual games, with more frequent additions. Since it allows you to play free practice games and real money games, it’s the apt puzzle app for anyone looking to have fun and simultaneously make some extra income.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

3. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles offers a lot of fun and is ideal for players of all ages. It’s fun and also an excellent way to exercise your mind. You can find over 275 brain-teasing levels designed to work your brain and often manipulate it. The objective is to think quickly and differently to solve truckloads of puzzles. Once you start, there’s no looking back. The best thing about it is that none of the puzzles are too challenging.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

4. Tangle Master 3D

If you’re up for challenges, Tangle Master 3D is the perfect game for you! It comes with an infinite number of intertwining pieces of colored rope that the player needs to undo. It might sound like a very straightforward task, don’t take it too lightly. Each level adds an extra layer of complication as more tangle ropes get added to the mess that you eventually need to disentangle.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

5. Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

So, you think you’re good at solving puzzles? Put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test with Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure. Find yourself imprisoned in an old city prison in Alcatraz when you start playing. Your objective is to aptly figure out all puzzles provided to escape the prison and flee the isolated island.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

6. Block! Hexa Puzzle Game

Are you a fan of games where you need to place pieces together to clear lines and score points? If yes, Block! Hexa Puzzle is a sensational choice. In each level of the game, you get blocks of varying shapes and sizes that you need to carefully place onto a board without rotating them. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to solve all three hundred of the game’s puzzles!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

7. Jigsaw Puzzles—Epic

Gone are the days when jigsaws puzzles could only be worked on from home! Courtesy of the Puzzles – Epic app, you can now work on one anywhere, anytime. The app offers over ten thousand different jigsaw images to pick from, or you can create a custom one from a photo you have. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, the app features eleven different levels of jigsaw puzzles, with some having nearly 625 pieces, so it’s nothing less than a challenge!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

8. Water Sort Puzzle

This game is the equivalent of a vibrant science experiment. Every test tube is packed with different colors – some with numerous shades. To play, you need to tap a test tube that starts pouring its colored contents into another test tube with the same color. In each round, the puzzle’s goal is to sort out colors and place them in the appropriate test tube without messing up or filling up.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

9. Polysphere—Art Of Puzzle

We can vouch for the fact that Polysphere is one of the most unique puzzle apps you’ll ever play. The app makes you think and feel like a true artist trying to finish their masterpiece as you rotate and swipe over the shattered 3D illustration until it becomes whole again. Trust us when we say that you’ll have a big grin on your face every time you finish one of the puzzles!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

10. The Birdcage

This is a very unique puzzle game unlike any other. The game features a fantasy-based storyline about an anguished king who has locked away every ocean-colored bird that lives in his kingdom because they remind him of his dead son. But in doing so, he steals the wind from the sky, which can only return to its previous state when the birds are released. The task at hand is to solve all the riddles and puzzles in each level to aid in the birds’ escape so the wind can resume blowing.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

11. Two Dots

As the name suggests, the game essentially moves around two dots. You need to connect the dots so that they eventually meet each other and forge a connection. Remember that you can join the dots vertically, horizontally, or form a perpendicular. However, you cannot connect them diagonally. Also, you have limited moves, so you must hurry up and utilize your brain before making any moves.

When you play at a particular level, you will get some targets. The initial levels are pretty straightforward, and you will get that pro-feeling once you scale more levels and realize the game was never easy in the first place.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

12. Puzzledom

If you happen to be a puzzle game enthusiast and are in search of an app offering multiple puzzles in a single place, Puzzledom is what we’d suggest. It features a tonne of exciting puzzles, but the most remarkable thing about the app is that you can play without an internet connection, and there’s no time limit applicable.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

13. Diggy’s Adventure Puzzle Games

Set off on a thrilling adventure in this rollicking 2D puzzle maze. Diggy the Professor, Rusty, and Linda will accompany you on the journey of exploring mines and obtaining numerous items that you’ll use to solve jigsaw puzzles. Real fun it is, to solve over a thousand riddles and escape from nearly five hundred mazes, spread over four varying locations. There’s nothing quite like this game in the ecosystem of puzzle games.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

14. Mansion of Puzzles—Escape

It’s time to put on your detective hat and solve puzzles as that’s the core focus of Mansion of Puzzles – Escape. You’ll need to solve riddles, mini puzzles, and other riveting challenges that the game offers to unlock the mansion’s hundred doors and solve mysteries at every level.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

15. Escape Room: Mystery Word

Do you miss going to escape rooms with your pals during the pandemic? If yes, there’s a high probability of you becoming obsessed with this game. Escape Room: Mystery World positions you in an escape room and offers three hints to solve the existing puzzle and get out. Once you make your way out, you can resume playing over three hundred levels that the game has.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

16. Parking Jam 3D

In this quirky game, you need to figure out how to move everyone’s vehicles out of your way to get out without bumping into any of the traffic. There’s a catch, however. You need to get them out in a specific order, which makes this puzzle harder to solve than you might anticipate. You never know – this puzzle game could even help you in real life when you find yourself in sophisticated parking situations that require a strategy.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

17. Candy Crush Saga

Of course, there can never be any puzzle game list without featuring one of the most popular puzzle games – Candy Crush Saga. Millions of games worldwide enjoy the game, featuring thousands of levels; what matters is your quick thinking. That’ll earn you candy combos! Find out if you can match three or more candies in a row and make your way to the higher levels.

  • Availability: Free| Android and iOS

18. Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games

This app is a reliable way to test your prowess in numbers. Each game features a square packed with numbered tiles, with a single empty space. The objective is to figure out how to slide every tile into the correct order. The game offers six varying levels of puzzle difficulty for players, so it will take a while for you to achieve success in all!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

19. Pack Master

Trust us when we say you’d love to recall how you packed every puzzle item into a suitcase in this game when you’re packing your bags for the next trip. Pack Masters tests your organizational skills, requiring you to ideally put each object into your bag. No, it’s not just about making more spaces for clothes to fit in – you’ll have to pack everything from shoes to plants to bowling balls and lots more. We wish you the best of luck!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

20. Toon Blast

You’ll find this puzzle to be one of the most adorable ones ever! Enter the world of Cooper Car, Bruno Bear, and Wally Wolf as you attempt to solve numerous quirky, challenging puzzles enabling the toon gang to travel. Kids and adults alike will love Toon Blast!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

21. Sudoku

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned game of Sudoku! To date, it is one of the best puzzle games to give yourself a mental workout. There are more than fifty thousand logical number puzzle games to pick from and four difficulty levels to work on. You need to place digits 1-9 strategically into a grid so that each number shows up only once in every column, row, and mini-grid.

  • Availability: Free | iOS

22. Puzzle Page—Daily Puzzles!

Consider this app to be a non-stop puzzle service! There are brand new puzzles to pick from every day, so you will never try to solve the same puzzle twice. You can also use the app’s calendar to go through any puzzles you may have missed earlier in the week or find more of your favorite kinds of puzzles to solve on the app.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

23. Picture Cross

When you combine the aspects of art with puzzle-solving, you get Picture Cross! Start at the easiest level and game your way up to expert levels as you solve puzzle after puzzle to unravel the mystery artwork.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

24. Mr. Bullet—Spy Puzzles

Mr. Bullet—Spy Puzzles is a pretty unique puzzle game you wouldn’t want to miss out on! The game takes you on a secret mission to eliminate your foes and save hostages by using your brain. Get your brain to work and solve exciting puzzles!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

25. Word Connect

We bring you the ultimate spelling puzzle game in the form of Word Connect. It urges you to think quickly and combine letters into as many words as possible to earn coins. With 12,700 levels, there’s no shortage of choice, and you needn’t worry about finding other apps to spend time on.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

26. Hocus

A mind-twisting perspective puzzle game, Hocus is presently one of the most highly rated puzzles games on Google Play. Your goal in the game is to secure a cube to red finish marker efficiently and quickly. It might seem easy to play but can be pretty challenging.

The most incredible feature of this game is that it allows you to create and play custom puzzles created that other users create. The game features over a hundred puzzles and offers more than just a few hours of entertainment.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

27. Unblock Me

Download Unblock Me if you’re looking for endless hours of fun! This game features over 18,000 puzzles that you can solve one after another. Also, you can play in four distinct modes: Multi-player, Challenge, Relax, or Daily.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

28. Chess Light

A captivating puzzle based on Chess, the game places you in over 180 different scenarios where you must figure out a way to win. The game is free to download and has no annoying ads, which is rare for online puzzle games these days.

If you find the game too easy or challenging, you can choose between six difficulty options. Get a hint if you think you’re stuck without any moves to make. This game is bound to impress fans of chess!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

29. Empty

Empty is a zen-like puzzle that follows a relaxed approach. We mean that the game doesn’t induce feelings of frustration but slowly heals you from the inside.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward, where you need to clear out the room by rotating it. The game teaches us how to look at life simplistically at every level. It’s also ad-free, making it a total treat to play continuously!

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

30. Threes

Among all the online puzzle games available, Threes follows a familiar concept of sliding tiles to form a specific number – in this case, three or its multiples. The game offers a walkthrough in the beginning, making it clear how to play.

It sticks to the specific drill of sliding tiles and joining them to add two other tiles. Even though it sounds like an easy process, joining the tiles will take much longer than you think. You begin with making a three, subsequently by its other multiples. Every step requires you to make one, and you must use your brain while sliding to come up with the desired number.

There’s a fun flow to the game, which gets increasingly more enjoyable as you play. Chances are, you’ll be playing it almost every day once you start.

  • Availability: Free | Android and iOS

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of choices when it comes to puzzle apps and games. Now that you’ve gone through our extensive list of the best ones, you might want to get started by downloading and trying some of these. Get MPL first if you’re looking for an authentic online gaming experience in the puzzle game category.

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