11 Best Block Puzzle Games To Play Online On Your Phones

What is a Block Puzzle game?

Ideally speaking, Block Puzzle games are cross-platform games that involve placing differently-shaped blocks on a given board or grid to clear filled-up cells and earn points. Developers often design Block Puzzle games to run for extended periods, as long as the player manages to keep clearing cells. These games also incorporate specific themes, unlocking newer levels as you progress, alongside increasing difficulty levels. They are either free to play endlessly or for cash. Some apps even integrate tournaments to add more fun layers to this game!

This article will handpick and select some of the best block puzzle games available to play on both iOS and Android devices. It’s time to understand this fascinating sub-genre in puzzle games better and see what the hype’s all about:

1. Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle is one of the finest block puzzle games you’ll play. If you break down the title of the game – “Wood Block Puzzle” – it precisely indicates what the game is all about. Fashioned like a wooden puzzle, the game is pretty easy to play, but it’ll take some effort to master. The more blocks you crush, the better your score.

Place the given pieces on the board to complete a vertical or horizontal line, freeing up space for additional pieces. The game concludes when the board runs out of room for more blocks. The game is an innovative spin on classic puzzle games like Tetris, with no time limits or Wi-Fi requirements. Play for hours on end!

2. MPL’s Block Puzzle

When you launch the Block Puzzle game on MPL, you receive three different block patterns at a time in the bottom tray. You need to drag and drop the blocks from the tray into the grid successfully to complete the puzzle. Place the blocks so that they complete a row or a column, or both—complete several rows and columns to gain bonus points. The game ends when the timer runs out or if you are out of moves. It’s one of the simplest games on the app that features around fourteen games in different categories.

While you can play free games all the time and anywhere in the US, many states can also play Block Puzzle for cash rewards. The app doesn’t feature clunky ads that ruin the experience. You can also join an ongoing tournament and attempt to reach the top of the leaderboard for bumper prizes. Mega events run from time to time, so you need to be alert! As an authentic money-gaming app, MPL offers all its users a fun and safe game experience.

3. Block Puzzle Jewel

The Block Puzzle Jewel game is a vibrant, colorful puzzle game that follows the style of the classic Tetris game. It is undoubtedly one of the best block puzzle games for Android users.

Groups of geometrically shaped blocks make their way down from the top of the screen. You need to figure out how to accordingly arrange them on the grid so that they create lines and clear the screen row by row before it fills up completely.

Additionally, being a jewel-tile block puzzle game, it is a treat to the eyes to play Block Puzzle Jewel. Both enjoyable and challenging simultaneously, it won’t be a surprise if you find yourself addicted!

4. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

An entire generation of us has grown up solving jigsaw puzzles. This game is the ideal choice for all jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. The game features over 10,000 lovely pictures spread over a variety of categories. It even allows you to create puzzles out of the images in your phone gallery.

The game also takes you on a trip around the globe without having to ever leave your house, witness fantastic landscapes, enjoy varying seasons, and even visit the different wonders of the world. It features 1080p HD graphics, 11 difficulty settings, and daily puzzles.

5. Move the Block: Slide Puzzle

This game is slightly different compared to other classic block puzzle games. Here, you need to specifically get the red block out of a 6×6 grid filled with wooden blocks by strategically moving the other blocks out of the way. If you can solve the puzzle without any hints, you earn three stars and a super-crown.

The game comes with hundreds of levels, alongside undo, reset, and hint buttons. The in-game animations and sound effects are smooth, offering players a unique block puzzle game app experience. You can download the game for free on the Play Store. However, it contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

6. Block Hexa Puzzle

Put your puzzle skills to the ultimate test with this thrilling new take on the classic dissection puzzle game. Their unique, non-rotatable hexagonal pieces will work your mind in unimaginable ways as you attempt to fit all blocks into the grid. Relish the satisfaction of blocks fitting correctly into their spaces, filling up the board, exploding with colors. As you keep progressing, the challenges become more arduous.

The game features thousands of levels, daily rewards, and more for persistent players. It proves to be an engaging stress-buster while also teasing your brain.

7. Puzzle 100 Doors

With various puzzle challenges on offer, Puzzle 100 Doors is one of the best puzzle games you’ll find on the internet. The game revolves around a mysterious house full of puzzle-filled surprises. If you cannot solve the puzzles, the house will consume you! Sounds terrifying? Well, the game is quite the opposite.

Find mini-games, logical puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, quests, hidden objects, and more, spread across the hundred rooms of the house. Escape each room that’s themed around various locations, including England and Egypt.

8. Puzzle Game Cube – Classic Block Puzzle

Add extra fun to your gaming sessions by playing Puzzle Game Cube – Classic Block Puzzle. Easy to understand and play for both kids and adults alike, this is an excellent game to enhance your reaction speeds while doubling as a brain-training exercise.

Like other puzzle games of this nature, Puzzle Game Cube also requires you to fill all blocks in rows or columns to clear complete lines horizontally and vertically. This, in turn, frees up space for more blocks in a repetitive but wholly engaging process. One of the unique aspects of the game is its shiny block style.

9. Unblock Me

The title says it all! The game is about using both your problem-solving skills and cognitive skills. The game may be small in size, but it sure does pack a punch in its puzzle varieties. Work your brain in more than 40,000 puzzles and pick from four challenging modes: Relax, Challenge, Multiplayer, or Daily. Unblock Me is also a family-friendly game suitable for gamers of all ages.

The game has won numerous awards, to nobody’s surprise. You can play it both online and offline. Also, the game size is under 20MB, making it easier for pretty much anyone to download and play!

10. Block! Triangle Puzzle: Tangram

Different shapes filled with triangles need to be arranged on the board to fit perfectly and earn points. It is the quintessential timepass game with tonnes of unique levels, offering good exercise for your brain. While the game may look easy to learn and play, the variety of challenges makes it riveting. It also features excellent graphics and visual effects, with no time limit attached to the 2,000+ challenges.

The game is freely downloadable (with in-app purchases such as Ad-Free Play) from the App Store.

11. Roll The Ball

This game is everything fans of gridlock puzzle games can ask for! It’s a unique puzzle game wherein you need to figure out how to move the sliding tiles to clear a path for the steel ball to make its way to the exit. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the ball navigate through connected tiles and safely reach the outlet.

We consider Roll The Ball an effective brain-teaser, enhancing your agility and hand-eye coordination while also offering oodles of fun. Various games modes are available, including multiplayer, where you can compete to set new records.

The Bottomline

With this list, you’re all set to explore excellent Block Puzzle games that are mainly free to play. Get the MPL app and start playing Block Puzzle games for cash rewards. Try the practice games first before you join any cash games!

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