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How to Play Crash Skill

Players decide the bet amount before beginning the game - Suppose you take amount of $10 

Choose the multiplier you want to cash your winnings. For example: 1.09 x Your winnings = Amount x Multiplier

Cash out your winnings before the rocket crashes! Therefore. $10x1.09 = $10.9

Why players love playing on MPL
From weekly to daily, I play Crash on MPL for excitement. Stunning graphics, $2 to $100 in 2 mins, high payouts, and exclusive golden rocket chance make it MPL's best. Proud to stay in the MPL family.

Matthew S

Won $200 in a day

MPL has actually been a very fun and really cool app. I am glad that I discovered it. I’ve been able to have fun and extra money. When I cashed out, I received my money within 20 minutes through my Paypal.

Lafaith Gordon

Won $499

The MPL Crash game is an exciting new game that requires a blend of skill and strategy. This adrenaline-pumping crash game offers a fast-paced action that's one of a kind. The objective of the game is to calculate the exact moment of the crash to elevate your winnings.

To master Crash Skill game, you must first grasp all the rules and understand the game dynamics. This acts as the foundation to help you make timely decisions. We are about to unpack all the secrets to navigating this pulse-pounding challenge with our comprehensive guide and expert tips to ensure you give your best in every round.

What is Crash Game?

The MPL Crash game stands out as one of the most thrilling crash games available on the MPL app. Playing the crash game is hassle-free and comes with easy rules to help you win big.

Players kick off the Crash money game by placing a bet before the rocket takes off. Since the rocket can crash at any moment, you must strategically calculate the optimal time to cash out. Cashing out right before the crash results in winnings, which are determined by multipliers based on the moment of cashing out.

For example, if you bet $10 and choose to cash out at 1.75x, your total winnings would be 10×1.75 = $17.5.

That said, if you don't cash out in time and the rocket crashes, you lose the game.

Note: You can leverage the provided information and recent game patterns to analyze and determine the ideal moment to cash out, maximizing your potential winnings!

The Basics of Crash Game: How To Play

Choose a Room to Start The Game

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Once you log in to the MPL app and choose the Crash Skill game, you can choose from the two game modes available: Beginner and Advanced. Each mode is different. For example, the crash risk is 2% at 1.00x in the Beginner mode. Whereas, when you opt for the Advance mode, there is a 4% crash risk at 1.00x. So, your focus must be on point because the aim is to cash out before the rocket crashes.

However, in the Beginner mode of the Crash betting game, your winnings can be multiplied by up to 10.00X, depending on when you cash out. On the other hand, your winnings in the Advance mode can be multiplied by up to 50.00X.

View History

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Before you begin playing, take a look at the history and grasp every piece of information available to you. This includes the history of the flights and the average for past rocket crashes. It helps you dig deep into the game and offers insight into the right time to cash out.

Place The Bet

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Once you enter the Crash betting game room, you are required to place the bet before the rocket takes off. You can place your bet by tapping the 'Play' icon in the bottom left corner. You can also increase or decrease your bet using '+' and '-.' If the round starts and you still haven't placed a bet, you must wait for the next round.

Keep a Check On Multiplier

Once the game starts, you must ensure you keep an eye on the multiplier because it increases with the height of the flight.

Cash Out Before The Flight Crashes

Your goal is to calculate the right time of the crash and cash out before the flight crashes. So, use the information available to you to deduce the best 'cash out time.' Tap on the 'Cash Out' option at the bottom right of the screen to do so.

Watch Your Winnings Soar

If you cash out before the crash, you will see your winnings will equal the bet amount multiplied by the multiplier when you cash out.

You Lose if The Flight Crashes

If you are unable to cash out before the flight crashes, you lose the entire bet amount.

Easy Tips To Help You Win Crash Skill Game

Now that you know how to play the Crash money game, here are a few quick tips to help you win. Remember, your goal is to bet strategically and cash out before the rocket crashes. You can always use the information present to intelligently conclude the best time and grow your winnings. These tips will help you fine-tune your strategies to win the game.

Understand The Gameplay Before You Start

Before you begin your gaming journey with Crash Skill, understand and observe the elements of the game. It is directly correlated to your success. This includes:

Check the lobby you enter. For instance, take a look at the promised multiplier versus the percentage of rockets crashing at 1.00x.

Look at the maximum multiplier trends for each lobby in the last 20 and 100 games.

See the previous 20 multipliers and the average multiplier trends in the last 20 and 100 games.

These elements will help you curate the perfect strategy to ace the game.

Choose The Right Lobby

Crash Skill has your back. It allows you to observe each lobby without having to enter the game. So, use this to your advantage. Now, the lobby can fetch you two main pieces of information. First, it tells you the maximum multiplies the flight can reach. Second, it gives you the percentage of crashes at 1x. Use this wisely to come up with the average trend and also choose the lobby accordingly.

Selecting Optimum Bet Amount

Don't go in blindly. Strategy plays a crucial role in Crash game for real money. So, even before you set a bet amount, use all the information available to you. Only then come up with the bet amount.

Look At The Positive Trend

You must observe the lobbies before joining a game. It also presents several key points, such as maximum multiplier trends in the last 20 and 100 games.

If there have been several instances of low multiplier crashes recently, it's a strategic move to engage in the next 20 hands. This is because there is an anticipated positive outcome, especially if you aim to cash out at reasonable multipliers like 1.5x to 2x.

To estimate the range of multipliers where the next set of flights might crash, you should analyze the moving average trends for the last 20 compared to the last 100 rockets. This information helps you assess whether it's a favorable time to enter the game and if you can opt for a higher multiplier. Ideally, aim for a lower bet amount to maintain a positive return.

Devise The Right Strategy

It's essential to establish a clear budget and target before playing the Crash money game. Once you have defined these, instead of aiming to exit on higher multipliers within just one or two games, consider strategizing for a more extended period, such as the next 10 to 20 rockets. To develop your strategy, analyze the moving averages over the last 20 and 100 games. Also, take note of the highest multiplier that the rocket has reached in the recent games. This approach helps you make informed decisions and enhances your chances of achieving your set target within a more sustainable and calculated timeframe.

Enhance Your Focus

One of the crucial skills you need in the Crash Skill game is complete focus and attention. If you happen to forget the specific lobby you entered, you can use the color of the rocket to jog your memory. Each lobby has a distinct color code- Green for Beginner mode and Red for Advanced. It's crucial to accurately memorize the maximum multiplier and crash percentage associated with each lobby. This knowledge prevents mistakes like targeting a 15x multiplier in the Beginner lobby, ensuring that your gameplay aligns with the chosen lobby's appropriate difficulty level and potential rewards.

How to Download Crash Game?

MPL app is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms. Follow the below steps to successfully download the app.

Crash Game Download for Android

Open the web browser on your iOS device and go to the MPL Website.

Spot the "Download & Get $3" button at the bottom and tap on it.

You will receive a pop-up that states, "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mpl-pro-v164.apk anyway?".

Go ahead as MPL is completely safe for iOS devices. It doesn't harm your device.

After successful download, tap on the open button and install the app. The app will instantly be installed on your device.

Create an account to start playing the Crash skill-based game on MPL!

Crash Game Download for iOS

iOS users can download the Crash game directly from the Apple App Store.

Go to the Apple app store and search for MPL App.

After successful download, tap on the open button and install the app. The app will instantly be installed on your device.

Create an account to start playing the Crash game on the MPL app!

Tips to Win Crash Game Online

Playing the Crash game online MPL is simple and easy. Though Crash gambling game is common on other platforms, on MPL it is tuned to be a skilled-based game. The main objective of Crash Skill game is to strategically place bets before the rocket crashes, aiming to maximize winnings. To win the game, follow the below rules while playing.

Always assess lobby details like maximum multiplier and crash rates at 1x before choosing where to play.

Study trends such as recent maximum and average multipliers to select a favorable lobby.

Be cautious to set a budget and target winning amount based on gathered information for strategic play.

Use recent multiplier trends to predict favorable outcomes and plan cashout strategy accordingly. It might take prior experience to predict.

The target is for consistent wins. For that, cash out early rather than risking higher multipliers.

Stay alert and focused on the game's fast pace and lobby specifics to avoid mistakes.

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