Play Crash Skill on MPL for Cash

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How to Play Crash Skill

Players decide the bet amount before beginning the game - Suppose you take amount of $10 

Choose the multiplier you want to cash your winnings. For example: 1.09 x Your winnings = Amount x Multiplier

Cash out your winnings before the rocket crashes! Therefore. $10x1.09 = $10.9

Why players love playing on MPL
From weekly to daily, I play Crash on MPL for excitement. Stunning graphics, $2 to $100 in 2 mins, high payouts, and exclusive golden rocket chance make it MPL's best. Proud to stay in the MPL family.

Matthew S

Won $200 in a day

MPL has actually been a very fun and really cool app. I am glad that I discovered it. I’ve been able to have fun and extra money. When I cashed out, I received my money within 20 minutes through my Paypal.

Lafaith Gordon

Won $499

Play Crash Skill - All About The Game 

Crash Skill is one of the most entertaining games on the MPL app. The game is quite straightforward, with easy rules and potentially big winnings.

The game starts with the players placing a bet before the rocket takes off. The rocket can crash at any time, so the players must calculate the right time to cash out. If you cash out before the crash, you win in multipliers based on the moment you cashed out.

For instance, if you bet $10 and cash out at 1.75x, your winnings will be 10×1.75 = $17.5.

However, if you fail to cash out and the rocket crashes, you lose! 

Note: Players can use the information provided and recent booms to analyze and calculate when to cash out and win as much as possible!

Choose a Room to Play

To begin playing Crash Skill, you can choose from the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance game modes. Each mode offers different multipliers and a risk of the rocket crashing. For instance, in the Beginner mode, there is a 2% crash risk at 1.00x, whereas in the Intermediate mode, there is a 4% crash risk at 1.00x, and a 6% crash risk at 1.00x in Advance mode. The rocket goes but to a 10.00X multiplier in the Beginner mode, a 20.00X multiplier in the Intermediate mode, and to 30.00X multiplier in the Advance mode. The goal is to cash out before the rocket crashes.

View History

Before starting the game, you must observe the information available to you, such as the room, the history of flights, and the averages for past crashes. This will help you better predict and decide when to place the bet.

Place a Bet

After entering the room, you have to place a bet before the flight takes off. You can increase or decrease your bet size by tapping on the ‘-’ or ‘+’ signs at the bottom left of the screen.

Keep an Eye on Multiplier

Once the flight takes off, the multiplier increases along with the height of the flight.

Cash Out Before the Crash

You have to cash out before the flight crashes. Use the information available to you to strategize on the best time to cash out. Tap on the ‘Cash Out’ icon at the bottom right of the screen to cash out.

Watch Your Winnings Multiply

If you cash out before the flight crashes, your winnings will be your bet amount multiplied by the multiplier at which the flight was when you cashed out. 

Flight Crashes, You Lose

If the flight crashes before you cash out, you lose the entire bet amount.


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