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What is Baseball Star Game?

Do you ardently follow every season of Major League Baseball and the World Series? Everyone loves Cracker Jacks and Home field hotdogs, but waiting for the game to get the thrill is so 20th century. Why suffer the wait when you can get the same joy playing baseball games online on MPL and win cash prizes? Baseball Star is one of the best baseball games that you can play online anytime, anywhere.

Baseball star is a fun baseball game played from the batter's perspective. But hitting the ball is just not enough. Your aim should be to score home runs after home runs to set the highest possible score before the time runs out. So swing that baseball bat at the right time to make a great shot. Have no mercy on the pitcher!

Batting game: You need to observe the ball coming towards you to hit it with maximum contact. Dab the field so that your players can run bases and touch the home plate. You can always go for a HOME RUN to get the maximum out of a shot.

Are you one of those crazy baseball fans looking for free online baseball games to play? Then check out Baseball Star - a classic baseball game - for loads of fun, thrills, and real-money rewards.

How to Download the Baseball Game Online from MPL?

The MPL gaming app is free and supported on iOS and Android devices. To play Baseball Star on iOS, you can download the MPL app directly from the Apple App Store.

Once downloaded, install the app.

Once the app is installed, register via email ID or log in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Select the Baseball Star game.

You're all set to explore and play Baseball Star on the MPL app.

Understanding Baseball Star's Gameplay on MPL

Regardless of what team you support in MLB games or you regularly play backyard baseball with your buddies, you will find Baseball Star engrossing. And that's why this game is so popular among baseball fans.

Baseball Star is an easy-to-play, simple game for newbie players too. All you need is good hand-eye coordination and no mercy on the pitchers. Just follow the below steps and become a baseball champ in no time.

After the pitcher (bowler) throws the ball, tap anywhere on the game screen to swing the baseball bat. Make sure you hit the ball in the correct range to make it a fair shot. Try to hit all the balls for home runs to get the highest score.

Hitting the ball

Strike Out

Changing board

Watch the Timer

How to play Baseball Star Online on MPL?

With a seamless user interface and controls, playing Baseball games on MPL gives you the Yankee stadium feel and a much-needed adrenaline rush. The animations and sound effects are in line with the game's overall vibe. As far as basic gameplay goes, all you have to do is hit the ball at the right moment.

What All to Know

On the game's dashboard, you can view different kinds of free and cash battles. Pick one based on your preference, skills, or experience.

If you select a cash battle, submit the entry fee to participate. The game instantly matches you with an online opponent. If he isn't ready, you can still go ahead as the game comes with asynchronous play.

To direct the ball, time your shots well. An early hit makes the ball go leftward, a late hit makes it go rightward, and hitting at the exact moment of arrival will make the ball go straight.

Have a look at the boards before each shot. Avoid the -1 boards as they deduct a point from your score. Come what may, hitting the ball is crucial as strikes can work against you.

Aim for the home runs (HR) as they offer four points each. The other boards give you 1-3 points depending on where your hit lands.

Once both players finish their sessions, the game compares scores and declares a winner.

You can credit your winnings immediately into your bank account.

Keep playing to add more wins!

Things to Remember

It's not that difficult to hit straight. Getting a hold of direction needs practice.

Play enough practice games to acquaint yourself with the controls and game mechanics.

You can then play cash games with low-to-high stakes against other players and earn cash prizes.

Why Play Baseball games on MPL?

Playing Baseball Star on MPL is hassle-free and seamless. You can play the game of your choice anytime, without any trouble. Below are the reasons why players love MPL:

100% Secure & Legal

24x7 Customer Support

Exciting Offers & Bonuses

Best-in-class Gaming Experience

Instant Withdrawals

Free Practice Games

Zero Wait Time

Asynchronous Play

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