A Handpicked List of PayPal Games That Pay Real Money in 2022

Introduction to Real-Money Earning Games

It wouldn’t be surprising at all to say that most of us have at least one or more game apps downloaded on our phones. Of course, it is the ideal way to keep oneself entertained and de-stressed while we recover from a global pandemic. But, how many of you know that you can earn money playing games online? Yes, you heard that right – “play games for money” – if you didn’t catch it the first time around. Who wouldn’t want to earn money on PayPal by playing games? A March 2021 survey even mentions PayPal among the top trusted brands in the world.

Considering many of us already play free games on our phones for leisure and carefree entertainment, this is a rather exciting proposition. For sure, bringing cash prizes to the gaming experience certainly sweetens the pot. A little extra income would never hurt, would it? Right now, we’ll take a look at some of the top online games (or gaming apps) that pay real money on winning. Every app we mention here is entirely legit, tested, and proven authentic.

Here are 20 legit apps that pay real money instantly to Paypal in 2022:

1. MistPlay

MistPlay offers around 65,000 games and is focused specifically on mobile gamers. It is currently available only for Android devices, but an iOS app release is due very soon.

Once you download the app, you need to set up a profile to suggest games based on your preferences. The longer you keep playing, the more units you earn. You can redeem these units for rewards such as PayPal cash, Visa, and Amazon gift cards. Also, they launch new competitions every week that you can enter for various prizes, along with a monthly grand prize.

The game titles on MistPlay include Tile Connect, Tasty Town, Family Farm, Tycoon Games, and Word Wars.

  • Minimum Payout: 1,500 MistPlay Points (Approx. $5)
  • How Much You Can Earn: A maximum of $50 per month

2. Swagbucks

Launched in 2008, Swagbucks is a well-known rewards site that pays you to do numerous different things – you can watch videos, surf the internet, finish daily polls and surveys, and win coupons and cashback.

However, the best part is earning PayPal money playing games on the site! Have a quick go-through of their website, and you will come across several games where you can earn SB (Swagbucks) points. While some games are worth 500 SBs, others even go as high as 5000 SBs.

Keep in mind that 100 SB points equal $1. You can also earn SB points by making in-game purchases through their partnership with GSN or playing their free games for generating PayPal cash.

  • Minimum Payout: Cash out even with just $3 in your Swagbucks account. This is easily one of the tried and tested ways to make a little extra cash every day.
  • Age Limit: Joining Swagbucks is free, with anyone over the age of thirteen able to participate.

3. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

MPL is Asia’s largest eSports and mobile gaming platform with over 90 million users, and it now enjoys a thriving presence in the USA. It offers a one-stop gaming platform for multiple games on its iOS and Android applications, spread across many categories such as arcade games, board games, card games, casual games, eSports, fantasy games, and more.

Some of the noteworthy titles available to play on the app include Cube Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Bingo, 21 Puzzle, Block Puzzle, 8 Ball Blast, Backgammon, Dominoes, Archery, Speed Chess, and Fruit Chop. Take part in free or cash battles & tournaments for the chance to win cash prizes and use your PayPal account to make your instant withdrawals and deposits. Along with PayPal, other payment modes include credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and bank transfer. To know more, click here.

  • Withdrawal Limits: $2-$100 per withdrawal, to a maximum of $500 per day.
  • Age Limit: Anyone over eighteen (18) can participate in cash battles and tournaments on the MPL Pro app.

4. Inbox Dollars

If you are on the lookout for games that pay instantly through PayPal, Inbox Dollars is a solid, authentic platform worth checking out. It has existed since 2000 and paid out over 80 million in cash rewards to participating members. It is a fun reward site that pays you to play online; it also offers real-money rewards from shopping online, partaking in surveys, completing quick polls, and lots more. Once you are all set to cash out, you can receive PayPal cash or gift coupons to shopping avenues like Walmart and Target.

They feature a wide variety of games, including Candy Jam, Bubble Shooter, Mahjong Solitaire, and more. Since they partner with GSN casino, members can access hundreds of GSN games.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $30

5. MyPoints

MyPoints features a comprehensive list of games such as Scrabble, Solitaire Rush, Wheel of Fortune, and more, on their site.

The site also enables money-making opportunities by shopping online, completing surveys, and doing other activities. Shop at your favorite online stores and earn cashback. MyPoints offers 40% cashback with each purchase at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and many more.

You can cash out points for gift cards or Paypal cash. You can also get a free $10 bonus by signing up on the platform.

  • Payouts: Gift cards or PayPal cash
  • Minimum Payout amount: $3

6. Solitaire Cube – Card Game

Solitaire Cube is a fantastic choice if you are looking forward to playing online games that pay through PayPal. Play in tournaments or head-to-head contests on the app, which you can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The two available categories on the app are the practice league and the pro league. The games are free to play in the practice league, and in the pro league, the games require an entry fee to participate. This game has over 86,000 ratings on the Apple store with a 4.6-star rating, indicating universal acclaim.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $1

7. AppNana

Currently available for both Android and iOS devices, AppNana is a free app where you can download new games and play them to earn redeemable points that you can convert to PayPal cash or gift cards.

They can also earn points by watching videos that you can redeem in the form of in-app purchases. Game titles on the app include Multisquare, Jewelish, Fruita Crush, Traffic, Taptastic Monsters, and Hextris.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $2

8. Feature Points

Feature Points is pretty similar to Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars in terms of functioning. However, you also get paid to do stuff like completing surveys, watching videos, and more on the app.

It has paid out over $5,800,000 since launching in 2012 and is an authentic way to earn gift cards or PayPal cash. You can also earn by referring friends to the app, and you earn 50% of your referral’s points. This lets you make more money without struggling all that much.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $5

9. App Karma

Earn rewards by playing games on this free app. When you sign up for App Karma, you can use your referral link and share it with your friends and family, requesting them to sign up too. You earn 30% of what your referral makes. 

If you are a blogger or influencer, you can earn through affiliate marketing by joining the VIP affiliate program. You can earn daily rewards for playing with apps already installed on your phone via Karma Plays. Additionally, you can earn achievement badges by installing five apps and watching a minimum of twenty-five videos.

  • Payouts: PayPal Cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $5

10. Wealth Words

If you love solving crossword puzzles, Wealth Words is a definite recommendation. With the app, you can indulge in word games and make some extra income. It brings crossword puzzles to life with a charm of its own. 

This game has existed for over eight years, with nearly 1 million active users on the app. Presently, there is no fee to register with Wealth Words, but you must pay a nominal entry fee to play the games. You must also be 18 years old to play games on the app, so this isn’t precisely for young teens.

You can cash out your winnings by entering your PayPal information and hitting the “Cash out” button. Your PayPal account will instantly reflect the credit.  

  • Payouts: PayPal cash
  • Minimum Payout: $20

11. Moo Cash

Check out Moo Cash if you seek games that pay instantly through PayPal. OnMoo Cash, you can earn money by visiting web pages, completing different tasks such as surveys, and trying new apps. The coins you make on the app can be redeemed for cash from PayPal and gift cards to your favorite spots.

Moo Cash comprises a small team, but they have 24/7 support. So, you can get in touch with someone from Moo Cash anywhere, anytime, which is a massive plus.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $5

12. Cash Out

Like several other apps included in this article, you can earn money through different ways on this app. Cashout is an excellent, relaxed method to make some money on the go. While the chances of you getting immensely rich aren’t there, it still counts as a source of extra income for gas or buying your favorite burger or coffee every month.

By playing and performing various activities, you earn “coins” on this platform which you can redeem in PayPal cash or gift cards. The list of activities includes playing games, answering surveys, and watching videos.

  • Payouts: PayPal Money or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $5

13. Backgammon Blitz

Tether Studios’ contemporary version of backgammon is fundamentally a straightforward puzzle game that employs deep strategy. Even if you have never played backgammon in your life before, there’s nothing to worry about as it just takes a few minutes to understand the basics but a lifetime of strategizing to master.

The app also features skill-based tournaments and head-to-head multiplayer contests with real cash prizes on offer. What’s more fun than playing backgammon to make a little pocket money?

  • Payouts: PayPal cash
  • Minimum Payout: $1

14. Mahjong

Enjoy a classic game of Mahjong Solitaire Cube featuring seamless touch controls and kickass animations on this app that you can always have on your smartphones. Even when the name suggests a solitary game, that isn’t the case anymore.

Play 1-on-1 games for endless fun or earn extra money, but in those states currently permitted by law. Opposing players must solve the same puzzle, and the player who scores the most points at the end wins.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash
  • Minimum Payout: $1

15. Brain Battle

Brain Battle is worth a try if you’re interested in an excellent math game that lets you play and win cash prizes. The game is playable on both Android and iOs devices, and by playing, you earn virtual currency in the form of “tickets.” The more tickets you possess, the better chances you have to take home exciting prizes.

Put your math skills to the test by answering multiple-choice questions on the app and earn a few extra bucks. The game is as straightforward as it can get, with a design and experience which is easy to navigate and has a high probability of winning.

Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards

Minimum Payout: $5

16. 21 Blitz (Blackjack)

This game is a riveting blend of 21 and Solitaire. Consider it the ideal way to brush up on your 21 skills, work your brain, or have some fun. Start by playing free practice games with real people in real-time, then go head-to-head with them for real money stakes.

Whether it is a one-on-one battle or a multiplayer tournament, there are exciting cash prizes for players to win. Enjoy the thrills that the card game has got to offer and earn some dollars in the process!

  • Payouts: PayPal cash
  • Minimum Payout: $1

17. Long Game

The Long Game app allows you to earn some extra savings each month and is featured on Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. Given that 63% of Americans do not have sufficient funds in their savings account to cope with emergencies, an app like Long Game is an excellent source of revenue. Keep adding to the savings that you earn from the app every month.

As you begin to save money in your account over the Long Game app, you will also get golden opportunities to participate in lottery-inspired games such as Powerball and Omega millions. It is also essential to note that Long Game ties up with some of the top financial entities to offer you daily prizes. So, the app primarily helps you save more money, but it also contributes to your gaming experience in the form of puzzles, arcades, slots, and plenty more.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $5

18. Drop

On the Drop app, you can make money by shopping at online stores that you like and playing the games available. There are also numerous cashback on offer, especially if you’re an online shopping enthusiast. Many leading publications and pop-culture websites, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Buzzfeed, have featured the app.

It is totally free and pretty easy to use even if you have no prior knowledge. Another fantastic feature is earning money while booking flights and ordering food & beverages from platforms like Postmates. Every purchase you make earns you points. Once you secure a minimum of $5 in points, you can redeem them for gift cards that you can use to buy a Starbucks coffee, order something on Amazon, and subscribe to Netflix. You can also keep playing games on the app to earn more points. It takes up to fourteen days for the points to be transferred to your PayPal account.

  • Payouts: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout: $25

19. Givling

Launched in 2015, Givling is a trivia crowdfunding game designed to aid individuals having mortgages debts and student loans to pay off. When you set yourself up to play games on this platform, you stand to earn points and clear some of your outstanding dues.

When you visit the website, you must answer trivia questions with a “true” or “false” answer within ten seconds and secure as many points as possible. You get three chances to answer the questions correctly, and if you answer all three questions wrong, the game ends. The trivia games take place once a week on Wednesdays.

  • Minimum Payout: $25
  • How much you can make: Varies

20. CashPirate Buzz

You mainly get paid to play games and finish math quizzes on this app. This free app currently possesses a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on the Google Play store. It is also available for iOS users. Once you download the app, you must set up a profile, and then, you’ll be redirected to the member hub.

You see a range of offers that you can complete for CashPirate coins in the member hub. CashPirate coins are redeemable as PayPal money, Facebook money, or online gift cards.

  • Payout: PayPal cash or Gift cards
  • Minimum Payout amount: $2

The Bottomline

There are hundreds of money-earning apps out there, but legitimacy isn’t the strong suit of many. Go ahead and spend your time on any of the apps, websites, or platforms mentioned above and have fun while also earning real cash prizes! Be sure to check out MPL too!

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