Tips & Tricks to Ace Baseball Star -MPL’s Online Baseball Game

Introduction to Baseball Star, MPL’s Fun Baseball Game

MPL’s Baseball Star is one of the free online baseball games that all fans of the game are bound to enjoy. It does not matter whether you ardently follow Major League Baseball with a favorite baseball team or you’re simply looking to play baseball games online – a classic baseball game experience is waiting for you on MPL.

This free game is easy to play with simple mechanics and rules. Baseball Star is fun, fast-paced, and played entirely from the batter’s perspective – both left and right. The pitcher stands at the far end of the infield and pitches the ball at the batter. The player’s goal is to hit the ball with the bat by tapping different points on the game screen and score as many runs as possible.

Baseball Star: Features and Gameplay

Launch the game on the MPL app and join any free or cash battles. Once the game matches you with a random online opponent, you’re all set to play.

Remember that home runs fetch the maximum score out of all possible scoring avenues. Therefore, you need to observe the ball coming towards you to strike it with just the right amount of contact. The shot swing depends on various factors. These include the pace of the pitch, where you tap on the screen for angling, and the timing of the bat’s swing.

When it comes to hits, the player has to tap early to hit leftward and tap late to hit rightward. Ensure that you hit the ball within the appropriate range to add runs. While a home run adds four points, the rest of the boards vary from 1-3. If you hit the ball onto the ‘-1’ boards, your score will get reduced by one. Keep hitting balls till the timer reaches zero or three strikes are awarded, whichever happens first.

Tips to Score More Points in Baseball Star

Scoring runs in baseball games is all about observing the pitcher’s throw and bunting the ball in the right direction. To score points, you need to maximize your home runs. We want to offer some valuable tips for anyone looking to play baseball games online and get better at it:

#1 Timing is everything

You will need to time your shots to direct the ball where you want it to. An early bunt makes the ball go left, while a late bunt makes it go more right. Hitting at the exact moment of the ball’s arrival will guide it in a straight direction. Sometimes, poor timing can lead to consecutive -1s.

#2 Keep track of the scores

When a racy game is in progress, it is very easy to lose sight of the scoreboard. Have a look at the top panel frequently to see where you and your opponent stand. The best time to do so would be after you’ve played each shot.

#3 Strikes can be deadly

In baseball games, a strike is equivalent to losing a life. Not only does it add zero points to the scoreboard, but it also lessens your chances of winning the game. A strike can occur in two ways: a) by missing a shot b) by hitting the ball on a ‘strike’ board. Avoid strikes at all costs by keeping an eye on the ball and not losing sight of it.

#4 Fast decisions are essential

Your decision-making needs to be fast. Within seconds, you must decide where to hit the ball to get the maximum points. Since each game lasts just a couple of minutes, the more well-timed shots you can play, the better. For everyone who’s new, the game isn’t challenging – it’s just apace. Aim for the maximum in the first few balls. It’ll give you a healthy lead over your opponent and a cushion to win the game.

#5 Eye on the boards

Observe the positioning of the boards before you time each shot. While going after the home run boards is the ultimate objective, it isn’t always realistic. If the home run boards are parked in tough positions (for instance, between two -1 boards or at the extreme ends), see if a 3 pt or 2 pt board is available as an easier target.

#6 Practice, practice, practice

The key to winning real money rewards in online baseball games is practice. A strategy that applies not just to Baseball Star but every other game on the app, make it a point to play a good number of free practice games to ensure that you’re ready for the games with medium-to-high stakes. There’s no set timeline on when a player is fully prepared for cash battles, so it’s all up to you.

#7 Use the available resources

Watch the tutorial video one or more times to get the hang of playing the game and improving your batting skills. As you can see that there’s more to Baseball Star than just hitting shots, you are better off using every available resource (including the free battles with random opponents) to understand its more minor, more nuanced details.


Baseball Star is indeed one of the most enjoyable free online games to play on the MPL app. Why wait? Download the free app right away and check it out!

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