Legality of Online Skill Games and How to Win at Them?


The definition of real money skill games is pretty straightforward. These are basically games where there is no luck involved whatsoever, and the player has to properly invest his time, effort, analyze his opponents and their skills to win money. There has been a constant tussle surrounding which games fall under the purview of skill-based and which ones are chanced-based.

Here we will talk about the difference between games of skill and chance games, whether playing skill-based games for money is permitted in the US and how to win them?

Difference between skill games and chance games

A game of skill is defined as one where the player uses his skills to win a contest rather than luck. Classic games such as 8 ball blast, Bingo, Cube solitaire, fantasy sports and puzzle games fall under skill gaming as the eventual outcome is based on how well the user is adept at the game. To win in these games, one needs to be focused, analytical and quick. There isn’t an element of luck or chance that goes into a player winning a real money skill game.

Chance-based games, such as blackjack and craps, might have a skill element involved, but in the long term, whether you win or lose, there is always a certain degree of luck that goes into it. Most of these games fall under the purview of gambling and online betting.

To play skill games online, you need to find an app to play and win cash rewards. If you are contemplating which online skill gaming app you should sign up for, MPL should definitely be up there.

MPL is one gaming platform where you can play real money games and earn big without worrying if you are outside the state laws. Be it strategy games, arcade games, board games, word games or just a light-hearted puzzle game, you can find it under one roof.

All you need to do is download and install the MPL app, pick out a skill game, deposit a small entry fee, and off you go with a chance to cash prizes aplenty.

Is playing skill games online for money legal in the US?

There is no such federal law in place regarding playing online skill games for money in the USA. Most states allow users to play online games for real cash and view them differently from gambling. You can play skill games for money in all states in the US except Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Washington, as cash competitions in these states violates its Gaming Laws.

However, you can still participate in the free practice games and score bragging points over your friends and family.

How to win at skill games?

Playing games online might seem a fun, leisurely activity done to release stress more than anything else. However, there are loads of real cash prizes and similar rewards to be won if you can learn the nuances of the game. Here are some of the ways you can play online skill games on MPL and win big.

1) Play free practice games

It is essential that you first get acquainted with the app before you delve into the cash battles and tournaments. On MPL, there are free practice battles available for most games. It is advisable to play the free battles, get a feel of the app and the actual games, and then head over to invest money in the different contests.

2) Stay focussed and observant all times

A lot of the games on the MPL app are time-sensitive and require your focus at all times. Make sure you never let your concentration waver, as one small mistake can cost you a lot. Your opponent is as good if not better than you, and you must be observant of his moves and where he stands.

3) Have a consistent internet connection

Make sure you have a good internet connection once you start the battles because if the network conks in the middle of a game, there is very little that can be done. Your opponent will get a walkover, and you will lose the game.

4) Take part in different battles and tournaments

There are several battles and tournaments of varying degrees for the games on MPL. Depending on your comfort, you should take part in different contests and battles. This will expand your knowledge of the game and help you win bigger in the higher-value battles.

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